Wilo Salmson has launched the Wilo-Drain WS Plastic Moulded Wet Well Pumping Station, to provide building service engineers and designers with a fully self-contained waste water and sewage system that offers unbeatable performance at an affordable price.

Wilo-Drain WS is suitable for displacing waste water and sewage from below

the backflow level, in small developments, residential buildings and

commercial applications such as underground car parks.

Manufactured from high-density polyethelene, the strength of the pump

chamber removes the need for concrete work, allowing for easy installation

below ground level. Additional strength is afforded by the semi-circular

construction of the sump bottom.

An adjustable collar allows the Wilo-Drain WS to be installed at varying

heights. The anti-flotation fins, moulded to the side of the chamber,

prevent the pumping station from lifting out of the ground when back filling

during installation or in the event of a high water table.

Maintenance of the Wilo-Drain WS is kept to a minimum with the inclusion of

long-life stainless steel pipes, reducing the risk of damage to the pipe

work. In addition, the inclusion of above-the-water couplings offers

engineers easy access to the pump should the need for maintenance arise. The

semi-circular design of the sump bottom also provides a deposit- free

collecting space that, in the event of the pump stopping, prevents waste

material remaining around the pump - significantly reducing wear on the pump


Wilo-Drain WS is unique in that it is available in two different diameters:

900mm for a single pump and 1100mm for twin-pump applications. While the

twin-pump station features similar external dimensions to competing models

on the market, the Wilo-Drain WS offers up to 50% more storage space - in

excess of 500 litres.

The choice of pumps available for the Wilo-Drain WS includes TS 40, TP 50,

TP 65, TP 80, and TP 40 S. While each of the pumps offer different

capabilities and capacities, all include a detachable power cable and

explosion protection as standard.

As an ex-stock item, customers ordering the Wilo-Drain WS can expect

next-day delivery.

For further information, please contact Mark Sowden, Marketing Manager, Wilo

Salmson Pumps Ltd, Centrum 100, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 2WJ.

Tel. 01283 523000, Fax. 01283 523099. Email. sales@wilo.co.uk or visit the

Wilo Salmson web site at

Source: WILO SE

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