Ultra-low Voltage Motors Market Worth $6.5bn by 2027

New research by market intelligence firm Interact Analysis shows that the ultra-low voltage motors market is experiencing a period of growth. By 2027 the market will be worth almost $6.5bn driven by demand from battery driven applications and a need for greater flexibility in manufacturing and logistics processes.
Ultra-low Voltage Motors Market Worth $6.5bn by 2027

Global - Ultra Low Voltage Motor Market - 2022-2027 - Revenues (Image Source: Interact Analysis)

The increased use of mobile robots is having a huge impact on the market for ultra-low voltage motors and, as a result of this, the supplier landscape will change significantly.

One of the major trends that Interact Analysis has seen across the manufacturing industry is the need for greater machine flexibility due to the increased number of product variations that automated machines need to handle. As a result of this, the number of small actuation points requiring an ultra-low voltage motor is greater. By 2027, the market for ultra-low voltage motors will be worth almost $6.5bn, growing at a CAGR of 12.6% between 2022 and 2027. Another trend that has been observed is the increasing demand for mobile and industrial robots which is driving up revenues for the ultra-low voltage market due to their rapid proliferation across manufacturing and logistics.

Due to the impact that demand for mobile robots is having on the ultra-low voltage motors market, the supplier landscape is set to alter dramatically. Three main players, Maxon, Ametek and MinebeaMitsumi currently dominate the market, but the landscape is highly fragmented. This means that the development of this landscape depends on what solutions suppliers decide to develop within many sectors of the market, particularly mobile robots. There is also an increasing trend towards integrated motors and drives, particularly within the mobile robotics segment which presents opportunities for different vendors to emerge and gain market share.

Blake Griffin, Research Manager at Interact Analysis comments, “Taking a look at the market by product type, we see that the growth opportunity for integrated motors is staggering. We estimate the growth of revenues for this product to carry a CAGR of 45% between 2022 and 2027. This is due to the impact that space-constrained mobile robots are having on the market for ultra-low voltage motors. A sector which by far exceeds the rest of the market in terms of growth.

“By 2027, integrated motors will account for 14% of the motors used in mobile robots. Whilst the mobile robotics segment only accounts for 3% of motor shipments today, by the end of 2027 the sector will account for 15.6% total market shipments”.

Source: Golden Brain

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