Tough Pumps Gentle on Food and Pharmaceuticals


Transferring delicate and sensitive liquids in food, pharmaceutical and other similar applications demands a pump which provides optimum hygiene and cleanability, combined with smooth, gentle handling.

TopWing rotary lobe pumps have been designed to meet the needs and demands of GMP (good manufacturing practice) in ‘high clean industries’, as confirmed by accreditations including EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and ASME BPE 2002 (International Standard for Bioprocessing Equipment).

Introduced by JP Pumps (a division of Johnson Pump AB), the TopWing range consists of eight pumps with connections from 25mm to 100mm, providing flow rates up to 156 m3 /h at maximum working pressures up to 15 bar.

TopWing pumps incorporate a specially shaped Bi-wing rotor which promotes smooth flow, low pulsation and high volumetric efficiency. This rotor design results in small clearances which ensures less backslip and gentler treatment of shear sensitive liquids and soft particles. The design also means fewer pockets where bacteria can hide, and this, combined with an all stainless steel construction, means TopWing pumps are easy to clean, both by CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place).

With less agitation and shear, TopWing can handle delicate liquids containing both soft and hard particles, without product degradation as well as being able to handle liquids of varying viscosities and temperatures.

Other features and benefits include; easy maintenance, as the shaft seal can be changed without the need to disassemble the rotor case and a robust bearing arrangement with pre-loaded taper roller bearings without shimming.

The pumps are designed for trouble-free operation thanks to their heavy-duty construction and features such as; rotors, shaft and retainer made from duplex stainless steel for stronger assembly, less shaft deflection, less wear and mechanical seal assembled inside the rotor case for better seal lubrication.

A range of options are available to enable the pumps to suit specific application requirements. For example, choice of seals including single mechanical, quenched, double flushed and O-ring, safety relief valves, spring loaded and air loaded with air lift, rectangular inlets for better NPSH and possibilities to pump thicker liquids and also pre-heating / cooling devices.

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