Torishima Receives Orders for Supplementary Cooling Water Pumps


Torishima Pump Mfg.Co.,Ltd. has received orders for supplementary cooling water pumps and peripheral equipment for Black Point Power Station from China Light and Power (CLP), as an E&M subcontractor.

This combined cycle power station located in Hong Kong has a generation capacity of 2,500MW (8×312.5MW), owned by Castle Peak Power Company Limited, a joint venture of CLP and ExxonMobile Energy Limited.

Since the start of commercial operation in 1996, Black Point Power Station has supported peoples lives in Hong Kong as one of the major power plants along with nearby Castle Peak Power Station (4,108MW).

However, there has been a problem from the beginning that the water level in the pit for main cooling water pumps is not high enough so all of the 8 main cooling water pumps can not be operated simulataniously at the low tidal level.

In order to solve the problem, the new supplementary cooling water pumps will be provided to supply water to the exiting pump pit.

Now, at the Black Point Power Station, the renewal time is approaching and more replacement work for main equipment is expected to increase. Torishima continue to make a committment to the electricity business in Hong Kong by fulfilling a responsible role in this project.

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