The New Zuwa HVAC Filling Station


Specialized pump manufacturer Zuwa has adapted its professional solar charging station at an even higher degree to the requirements of the solar installer.

The New Zuwa HVAC Filling Station

Zuwa HVAC Filling Station

The equipment offers a multitude of new details and functions making the job of the HVAC professional faster and more comfortable.The result is a completely new designed model, first to be presented to the public during the ISH trade show in Frankfurt in hall 9.1, booth C03.

Especially transporting the device has been made much easier. The telescopic handle is adjustable in height and can be adapted to the size of the user. During transport the handle is retracted completely into the trolley. Another new feature is the carrying handle at the back side. Depending on the situation the station can either be carried or rolled. With this solution the advantages of both a portable and a mobile station were united in one device.

The compact dimensions of 80 x 50 x 40 cm reduce shipping costs quite substantially.

Two new features improve operation. Heat resistant hoses permit working on hot solar collectors. Ball valves make for dry transport after the job is finished, no glycol on the floor or in the car. Even better - hoses can be prefilled, any air is kept from entering into the collector when filling the solar loop.

The old advantages were kept, heart of the system is the reliable and easy to maintain Zuwa Unistar Impeller Pump with a flow rate of up to 30 litres per minute and a pressure of 5 bar. Air bubbles are dependably flushed out as well as sediments or other residues. The station can be used with fluid temperatures of up to 90°C.

For maintenance jobs on solar and ground collectors or panel heating systems Zuwa offers extra large filter bags (40 µm and 70 µm ) to remove stains from the pipes.

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