The New Spaix V3 – Web-based Pump Sales Software with Unique Functionality


Since the market launch of the web-based Pump Sales Software Spaix V3 in 2006 VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE has permanently worked on the further development of the program. The latest generation of the software is available with immediate effect and comes up with many new and improved functions.

The New Spaix V3 – Web-based Pump Sales Software with Unique Functionality

Within the hydraulic selection the search for the best pump is performed in the area of application and the operating data. (Image: VSX – Vogel Software GmbH, Germany)

„Especially within the scope of the project and proposal management a lot of new functions were integrated what simplifies the utilization notably. Furthermore, the range of Spaix Tools that extend the functionality was significantly increased during the last months”, emphasizes Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX – Vogel Software GmbH.

Duty Point Determination

The new Spaix V3 PipeCalc optionally extends the hydraulic selection through a duty point calculation. The Module enables the flow determination for different applications like drinking water supply or wastewater disposal according to international standards. The required head of the pump will be calculated based on the pipeline geometry and related friction losses. The symbolic arrangement of the system and the intuitive user guidance enable an easy and convenient entering of the calculation parameters. Due to the integration with the Spaix PumpSelector not only the nominal duty point will be adapted automatically, but also the partial load duty points in case of parallel pumping plants. For this reason the operating behavior can be analyzed in detail for such individual cases where not all pumps are running.

Optimized Configurator with New Performance Curve Functions

During the configuration process within the latest version of Spaix V3 the user can revert to newly integrated or through add-on tools provided performance curve functions. For this reason the Spaix PumpConfigurator can be used even more flexible and optimized. So, for instance, it is possible to simulate the impeller trimming on single performance curves. Moreover, user-defined duty points can be manually added and the results are contrasted in an additional table.

Further examples are the Spaix CableSelector, that enables a cable dimensioning for submersible pumps and the Spaix MagdriveSizer that allows for the hydraulic selection of magnetic drives.

Newly Structured Project and Proposal Management

Especially the editing possibilities of shopping basket positions were considerably extended. So, for instance, quote positions can be moved uncomplicated and text passages can be added. Flexible price and display options simplify the quote generation. The editing of selection results out of the shopping basket as well as the subsequent adding of articles were significantly improved and expanded.

Moreover, scope and editing possibilities of available datasheets within the framework of the project management were revised and improved. Due to the newly integrated Datasheet Editor the layout is simply changeable and adjustable. Furthermore, datasheet options (e.g. how the product text shall be displayed) can be changed. The availability of an Energy Costs Datasheet on which all crucial information regarding energy efficiency is assorted complements the datasheet functionality.

Efficient Collaboration

New possibilities for the collaboration between different users are provided by the newly integrated approval function. Thereby a project can be unblocked for other users based on predefined rules. Furthermore, a project owner can manually give other users the right to access the project. According to the predefined user rights a project can be edited by several users or an inquiry can be directly answered within the Spaix system without media changes.

Improved Spare Parts Selection

The selection of spare parts within the new Spaix V3 becomes more convenient and easier to handle through the Zoom&Click functionality. Sectional and exploded drawings can be displayed heightened and so spare parts can be better selected. An additional feature is the possibility to display all available spare part lists that contain a certain spare part. This reverse search functionality from pumps to a certain spare part can be included to the program with the add-on tool Spaix ReverseSearcher.

Detailed User Administration

A special highlight is the newly structured and extended user administration that of course allows the allocation of users to certain user groups. In addition they can be provided with different rights (reading, writing resp. administrator rights).

High Usability

Not only the program functionality was further developed and improved, but also the usability was optimized. Within the scope of the pump selection process users have the possibility to retract windows in order to use the space on the screen especially for the displaying of diagrams. And this is only one of various improvements that were implemented in the latest version of Spaix V3.

High-Capacity Performance

The renewed increase of the software performance enables for instance a quicker treatment of search inquiries or a faster configuration for the selected pump by the system.

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