The New Bitzer App Provides Product Benefits in One Package


The Bitzer SPOT App enables users to verify the authenticity of their Bitzer products. Additionally, the Bitzer SPOT App contains extensive documentation and a directory of all Bitzer and Green Point service points as well as all certified dealers.

The New Bitzer App Provides Product Benefits in One Package

The free Bitzer SPOT App checks the authenticity of Bitzer products (Image: Bitzer)

To verify the authenticity of a Bitzer product, users can simply use the Bitzer SPOT App to scan the QR code on the product which protects Bitzer customers from counterfeits. With this app, the specialist for refrigeration compressors offers its customers effective protection from system failures and high costs. Scanning the code notifies the user that the article is a genuine Bitzer product.

Extensive documentation

The Bitzer SPOT App has a whole series of useful functions for users: when the QR code is scanned, the app automatically shows the extensive documentation for the product concerned, sorted by subject groups. Users can add this information to their favourites, download it and share it. This means that they can access the information even in offline mode. Thanks to a filter which is intuitive to use, Bitzer customers can find every document quickly and easily.

Information about locations

The convenient site directory is also really helpful: the app knows the addresses and contact details of all Bitzer and Green Point service points as well as of all certified dealers and other distributors. Users can place a call directly from the app, can write an e-mail and add the data to their address book. If the user has activated the location function, the app will sort the site information by subject groups and by the site’s distance from the user. The route-planning function will then show the shortest way to the required destination. Alternatively, customers can also manually access the contact details of the Bitzer and Green Point sites as well as of the partners.

In future versions of the app, Bitzer plans to integrate more functions. The app is free to download.

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