The Modular Dry Roughing Pump Series for Clean Applications


LEYBOLD introduces a revolutionary, modular piston pump concept - the EcoDry M series. Based on proven piston technology similar to that used in the successful EcoDry L.

The EcoDry M is especially designed to satisfy customer requirements in market segments such as Lamps & Bulbs, Freeze Drying, RAC, Analytical, Semiconductor (load-lock), R&D and markets where ultraclean forevacuum is needed.

The EcoDry M replaces more expensive dry pumps and can also be used in traditional clean applications where oil sealed rotary vane pumps

are now used.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Absolutely dry pumping:

    EcoDry M contains the same optimized dry sliding mechanism as the EcoDry L therefore no oil and no hydrocarbons. This means no hydrocarbon contamination or backstreaming is possible both in the inlet and the exhaust.

  • Constant vacuum performance:

    EcoDry M based on patented valves and seals has a pumping speed curve which is quite similar to oil sealed rotary vane pumps. For the pumping of e.g. watervapor a multi-stage gas-ballast is standard equipment.

  • Very low particle emmission:

    EcoDry M is very wear resistant due to the unique piston coating and hardly any wear is measureable, even after very long operating times. Due to this fact as well as the special design of valves and gas passages wear particles at the inlet of the pump are almost undetectable.

  • Low noise and vibration levels:

    The noise level of EcoDry M is close to that of oil lubricated vane pumps and better than most other dry pumps. A simple exhaust silencer can be used if no exhaust line is needed such as when pumping air or inert gases. Vibration is low due to the patented piston arrangement. For especially sensitive applications an integral vibration damper is available. EcoDry M fits ideally as a roughing pump with most common Turbopumps.

  • Compact and flexible:

    EcoDry M is very compact and will fit where a rotary pump is used at present. EcoDry M will operate vertically or horizontally. The inlet and exhaust ports can be changed to suit the desired orientation. This offers the user the ability to retrofit installations without modification. Motors for all common single - and three-phase voltages are available.

  • Easy and safe use:

    EcoDry M means "plug and play". No auxiliaries such as purge-gas or cooling water are used. EcoDry M does not need electronics which increases reliability and reduces costs. Operation is in no way restricted at atmospheric pressure and cyclic operation is possible to meet todays market requirements.

  • High reliability:

    EcoDry M design is based on the success of the EcoDry L piston pump. The number of wearing parts has been further reduced to an absolute minimum and coupled with the low operating speed makes a minimum maintenance interval of 20,000 h possible.

  • Low costs of ownership:

    EcoDry M needs neither cooling water, purge gas or oil and has a very low power consumption over the whole working range. The service costs are reduced to minimum maintenance levels of 20,000 h. The simple design makes service easy without adjustments and special tools. Therefore EcoDry M offers the low costs of ownership.

Typical Applications

  • Backing of TMP's and CMP's
  • Small load locks and transfer chambers
  • Leak detectors
  • Electron microscopes and surface analyzers
  • Mass spectrometers and X-ray spectrometers
  • Small sterilizers
  • General R&D clean applications
  • Freeze drying
  • Lamps and bulbs
  • RAC industry
  • Other applications requiring hydrocarbon-free vacuum

Source: Leybold GmbH

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