Taco’s FloPro University Now in its Fifth Year


Taco’s FloPro University (FloPro U) is already well into its fifth year, offering students in-the-field and factory classes. With live webinars and archived video e-learning sessions, FloPro U offers high-quality, highly interactive contractor education programs.

Taco’s FloPro University Now in its Fifth Year

Taco’s FloPro University (Image: Taco)

Some classes are already sold out, so be sure to sign up soon for remaining seats in Taco’s all-new factory training program: “Residential Hydronics: Advanced Soup to Variable Speed Nuts” course. Taco is offering its next factory class in Cranston, RI on October 24-25.

According to Taco’s Residential Training/Trade Program Manager John Barba, multiple field training dates are scheduled for Fort Collins, Denver, Pueblo, Fargo ND, Northern California, Duluth, MN, Chicago and Salt Lake City among many other locations. He suggests that interested trade pros contact their local Taco rep for information.

In the Residential Hydronics course, Barba guides attendees through every vital step of designing and installing an efficient, modern residential hydronic system, including:

  • How to determine the heat loss of any structure and understanding the essential building block for all hydronic systems: the Universal Hydronics Formula.
  • Circulator sizing: how to choose the best circulator for every job, pipe sizing, air control and near-boiler piping, including trunk and branch systems, one-pipe primary-secondary layouts, "moose antler" piping and hydraulic separators.
  • Low voltage wiring: learn the pros and cons of zoning with zone valves versus zoning with circulators.
  • Domestic hot water systems: ratings, output and spec sheets, and optimizing indirect system performance.
  • Finally, a close look at operating costs: the real dollars and cents of any system, how to decide whether to replace or improve a system, and five ways to make any system more efficient.

Like all FloPro Factory Training courses, "Residential Hydronics" focuses on real-world solution to the problems you encounter daily in the field and offers ample opportunities for hands-on learning, plus plenty of interaction with the instructor and classmates.

  • Tuition only, hotel accommodations not included: $119.00
  • Tuition plus one night s hotel accommodation: $209.00
  • Tuition plus two nights hotel accommodation: $289.00
  • Tuition plus three nights hotel accommodation: $379.00

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