Sulzer Pumps for water injection in Russia


A contract, worth more than 11 million Euros, was recently signed between the pump manufacturer, Sulzer and Russia’s second largest oil company, Yukos. It is for modernizing 90 water injection pumps, operated by the Yukos owned oil company, Yuganskneftegas.

The objective is a step increase in pump reliability and a reduction in energy consumption.

A second contract worth nearly 4 Million Euros for modernizing another 36 pumps at the Yukos company, Tomskneft, will follow in the near future.

The contract followed more than 18 months of intensive common project work, leading to Yukos approving a business plan, based on a Sulzer project for modernization of water injection pumps installed at various Yukos oilfields.

The business plan defines all upgrade activities and the progress of work in three phases.

Phase 1: Site evaluation and analysis of actual and future operating conditions of all 293 pumps, installed at 96 pumping stations. Establishing a concept to optimize the number of operating pumps and pumps in stand-by to minimize overall power consumption. Delivery of two old pumps from Russia to Germany, engineering, design, re-construction and testing of these two prototype pumps at Sulzer Pumps Bruchsal workshops to verify predicted power savings.

Phase 2: Delivery of Sulzer pump components to the Yukos service centres in Siberia. Removing old pumps from the pumping stations, disassembly, re-machining of pump casings for re-use, assembly of modernized pumps using the new Sulzer components, installation at the different pumping stations and commissioning by Yukos service centre personnel.

Sulzer supervision of all phase 2 activities inside Russia.

Phase 3: Long term care support with a 7 year service contract. Provision of any necessary spares.

The first contract includes all activities under Phase 1, as well as the modernization of the first 90 pumps.

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