Successful Premiere of the Spaix User Conference


In April 2011 Spaix users and prospective customers met at the first Spaix User Conference in Dresden, Germany. The organizer VSX – Vogel Software reports a very positive result and is looking forward to the continuation of the event series.

Successful Premiere of the Spaix User Conference

The breaks and periods after the lectures have been intensively used for the exchange of experiences. (Image: VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE GmbH)

The premiere of the first user conference around the Spaix software solutions was a great success for organizer and participants. Practiced Spaix users as well as prospective customers had accepted the invitation. Thus the platform could be intensively used for the exchange of experiences regarding the handling of the program. The time after the single sessions and breaks was used for detailed discussions, in which the VSX software engineers, employees of the support department and the management answered questions of the attendees. The international focus of the event was well accepted which was confirmed by registrations from nine different countries.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the latest software development Spaix 4 Pumps which was showcased to the public in the keynote speech for the very first time. After a general functionality overview the essential new features had been introduced. On the one hand there will be a unique user interface for desktop and web applications, on the other hand many small, sophisticated functionality extensions, amongst others in the areas product selection, configuration and performance charts as well as datasheet administration and data maintenance. Moreover, an extended permission system had been integrated which is covering the pump selection and database program. Another session explained the data migration from the current Spaix versions V2 and V3 to Spaix 4 Pumps. The CEF data exchange, the transfer of language data and the conversion of existing projects were focused in this session. The official market launch of the Spaix 4 Pumps standard package is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2011.

The showcase of the new search method, the so-called Fuzzy Seek which will be initially used in Spaix 4 Pumps, was eagerly awaited. This method enables the user to select a pump although he only has less or incomplete technical parameters at his disposal. Furthermore, the user doesn’t need to have detailed product knowledge to get quick results. The speakers were glad about the attendees’ active participation and got valuable suggestions which will be considered for the final development stage. The attendees also had a great interest in the possibilities of the Spaix integration with company-wide used ERP or CRM systems. Standard interfaces as well as new options in Spaix 4 Pumps had been presented.

Participants had been also highly interested in the lectures dealing with the topic data handling. One session intensively illuminated the use of the data maintenance program Spaix Database, another session informed the attendees about differences of data import possibilities. The explanations on the issue layout customization and the presentation of differences between desktop and web version as well as future possibilities in Spaix 4 Pumps also found the approval of many participants.

Three further sessions provided detailed information on specific IT topics. Focus of one session was the – for Spaix 4 Pumps – adapted and extended permission system and the possible log-in using single-sign-on. Furthermore, the participants could inform about the use of Spaix in networks with SQL servers in another session. Amongst others, installation possibilities of desktop versions considering the differences between Spaix V2 and Spaix 4 Pumps had been explained. A third IT lecture was dealing with the server operation of the web-based version Spaix V3 regarding security and performance. The SSL technology and multi-threading capability of modern processor architectures were core issues of the session.

The lectures concerning the topic Engineering were enjoying a high popularity, too. Especially the session explaining the duty point calculation with the add-on Spaix PipeCalc was well visited. The flow rate determination and pressure loss calculation as well as characteristics of the parallel operation of centrifugal pumps were explained by means of application cases. The external speakers Dr. Heiko Werdin from ITG - Institute for Building Systems Engineering Dresden and Prof. Dr. Leon Urbas from Dresden University of Technology gave innovative impulses from industry and science. Dr. Werdin pointed out possibilities of the life cycle costs optimization for pumps in building services engineering by using simulations of different regulations. Prof. Dr. Urbas presented specific research approaches for the acceleration of engineering in the process industries by modularization and information integration. The lecture discussed potential and current limitations of integrated, modular engineering approaches for fast track projects.

The conference program was rounded off by a special sightseeing tour in the evening of the first day. The attendees discovered Dresden in the historical tram “Großer Hecht (Large Pike)” which performed its service between the 1930s and 1970s in Dresden. After the sightseeing tour the day was finished with a relaxing evening dinner.

“During and after the conference we got a lot of praise for organization and realization, but also suggestions for future events. We are very pleased about this extraordinary high interest of our clients and prospective customers. The idea of providing a platform for the exchange of experiences between users as well as between practiced and potential users was a full success. Moreover, the conference enabled and intensified the personal contact between attendees and VSX employees. Overall a very felicitous event which creates already today desire for the continuation” resumes Jens-Uwe Vogel, Managing Director of VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE.

Impressions and voices of the conference:

"The User Conference has really been the deciding factor to upgrade our current version of Spaix software and furthermore we re waiting for the new Spaix 4 Pumps version to provide our clients and end users with an updated easy-to-use and powerful tool for pump selection."

Miquel Coma, ESPA 2025 SL, Spain

„Congratulations to an all-around successful and perfectly organized 1. International Spaix User Conference. The received impressions concerning the progress of the pump selection software Spaix V2 to Spaix 4 Pumps show, that Spaix will also be the selection and configuration tool for our company in future.”

Dorle Weigang, Richter Chemie-Technik GmbH, Germany

„The Spaix User Conference is a very useful platform for the synchronization between user companies and the software provider. On the one hand, user experiences can be exchanged and brought together. On the other hand the latest developments can be presented as well as target-oriented discussed and aligned. For sure, this leads to an efficiency optimization on both sides and is worthwhile and useful for all participants.”

Friedrich Pauli, Sterling-SIHI GmbH, Germany

"Apart from the technical and functional contents, which were surely expected in order to approach and deepen the product, the conference was the occasion to meet VSX people and also other users of Spaix and to compare with them the product utilization. Concerning the event, I have to say it was organized really very well and it left me a very good impression on the firm, the people and the product."

Gianfranco Gonzato, Turo Italia S.p.A., Italy

„A great compliment to the whole VSX team for the very professional organization and realization of the Spaix User Conference. Adequate networking periods gave all participants the opportunity for interesting conversations and new contacts. Due to relatively small groups no “formal atmosphere” occurred and question of participants could be answered directly. I hope for a further conference in 2012 and I am looking forward to a higher attendee’s resonance and an even more balanced topic selection.”

Thomas Milde, Wilo SE, Germany

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