SPX FLOW Shifts to Remote Trials and Testing to Keep Dairy and Plant-based Innovation Moving

With the ongoing challenges and restrictions resulting from the global pandemic, SPX FLOW has put in place secure, remote procedures to procure raw materials and conduct trials on behalf of its customers, sharing results and shipping samples of products to customer sites on completion of tests.

This means that even with the current travel restrictions, producers can continue to innovate and gain competitive edge with new product introductions and improvement programs.

“SPX FLOW Innovation Center at ENIL, the French National Dairy School, offers customers superb trialing and testing facilities with the support of some of the world’s leading experts,” says Pranav Shah, Process Category Director, Fresh Dairy and Plant-based. “Even if travel to the center is not possible, SPX FLOW is equipped to support our customers virtually to ensure their dairy products get to market safely and quickly.”

The SPX FLOW Innovation Center at ENIL offers extensive testing capability to optimize processes and products and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology supported by leading process and automation engineers. It combines expertise from ENIL and SPX FLOW within a center that is specifically designed to enhance fresh dairy products (FDP) and create new innovative dairy or plant-based products.

The center is equipped to handle a wide range of FDP applications including yogurts, fresh cheese, fermented milks, desserts, probiotic drinks, and other innovative products. Situated within the ENIL campus, the center has access to the school’s own dairy for milk supplies. It incorporates a small scale, multi-purpose fermentation plant that can be used to produce and test a full range of fresh dairy products produced from fresh milk and its constituents or plant-based alternatives in liquid or solid form. A highly flexible solution, the single plant can create a wide variety of premium products with superb texture and mouthfeel, while minimizing waste and cost.

The ENIL site also incorporates the Cheasly small scale cheese processing line. The Cheasly process uses milk protein concentrate (MPC) powder making it independent of local milk quantity, quality, or price. It can produce a wide range of high quality, tasty soft and semi-hard cheeses in small quantities, making it ideal to create, develop or grow markets. Without reliance on local milk quality, producers can be assured of consistent quality. The Cheasly process line has no milk processing, cheese vats, draining or whey production, making it a high yield, highly cost-effective cheese production method.

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