Spandau HPS Screw Pumps – longer bearing lives, quieter running, less vibration


At the fair METAV in the June of this year in Duesseldorf Willy Vogel AG has presented its Spandau HPS Srew Pumps.

Spandau HPS Screw Pumps – longer bearing lives, quieter running, less vibration

(Source: Willy Vogel AG)

The HPS, an immersion pump, is installed directly on the reservoir cover. The special feature of the HPS is the fact that the pressure port can be quickly and easily accessed above the reservoir cover. The 4-hole reservoir flange has standard connection dimensions. No additional holes are required in the cover so that leads can pass through. The immersion depth can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s reservoir. Models for installation outside the reservoir are likewise available.

The screw spindles are specially hardened and hydraulically thrust-balanced. The screw housing is coated with a wear-proof anti-friction lining. The ball bearing is located outside the outlet chamber, while labyrinth packing provides for a selective and reliable reduction of pressure; a shaft seal provides for additional protection.

Main applications

  • Machine tools, especially with internally cooled tools,
  • Deep-hole drilling,
  • Filtration systems, coolant supply installations,
  • Lubricating units,
  • Temperature stabilizers
  • Source: SKF GmbH

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