“Spaix ProjectAdapter” Overcomes System Barriers


Within the age of global connection and communication values like rapidness and efficiency become more and more important. Also the data exchange between different software programs has to correspond to these requirements that can be ensured for all Spaix pump selection programs with the help of the tool Spaix ProjectAdapter.

“Spaix ProjectAdapter” Overcomes System Barriers

The illustration points out the principle of the Spaix ProjectAdapter TXT/XML that enables the bi-directional data exchange between Spaix and external third party systems. (VSX – Vogel Software GmbH, Germany)

The Spaix ProjectAdapter guarantees the data exchange between Spaix selection programs and third party systems like ERP or CRM systems without any format adjustments and additional editing. With the further development and improvement of the module VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE reacts on the new requirements of the users: Any program has to communicate with the Spaix PumpSelector in a fast way and without additional efforts.

Efficiency through Functionality

Via the freely configurable project adapter interface project data and technical information can be transferred to external applications. So the user gets access to all technical and commercial data stored in the Spaix PumpSelector. After exchanging the data can be edited and centrally saved within the ERP system so that it is available for every user with the appropriate rights. Moreover, updated text-based files can also be simply re-imported to the Spaix selection program (e.g. in XLS or CEF format). The automated data exchange avoids multiple data inputs and significantly minimizes the risk of wrong data inputs. Thus, the Spaix ProjectAdapter contributes to the efficient work on sales tasks not least through the reduction of valuable working time.

Available in Different Versions

The Spaix ProjectAdapter is available in three different types. According to the application project data can be exported from the Spaix PumpSelector to text-based file formats, to Microsoft Excel tables or to a relational database.

Spaix ProjectAdapter TXT/XML

This interface is usable for the export of project data into text-based file formats including CSV, TXT, INI and XML. The file format is defined depending on the object program and thus very flexible. Moreover, project data in XML format can be optimally integrated to ERP and CRM systems. So the data stored in the Spaix PumpSelector can also be saved beside the customer-related data within the internal ERP system. Furthermore, due to the bi-directional data exchange it is possible to use customer and address data stored in the ERP or CRM system within the Spaix selection program.

Spaix ProjectAdapter XLS

This interface allows for the export of data into Microsoft Excel tables. Thereby project data is processed for a detailed calculation and can also be used for the visualization of special facts.

Spaix ProjectAdapter SQL

The SQL project export add-on is a very flexible and powerful tool in order to export project data to relational databases. The extracted data are stored into a relational database (Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access). Due to relational structures the data can also be used for queries and reports. Accordingly, this interface is especially suitable for companies that are going to carry out comprehensive statistical analyses for projects within the Spaix PumpSelector.

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