Spaix PipeCalc Enables Online Duty Point Calculation for Pumps


The full version of the approved calculation program for the duty point determination Spaix PipeCalc - developed by VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE - is now available as web version and with extended functionality.

Spaix PipeCalc Enables Online Duty Point Calculation for Pumps

Spaix PipeCalc calculates the friction loss in unbranched pipe systems. (Image: VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE)

The calculation module for friction losses in piping systems – Spaix PipeCalc – is now available as web-based tool covering the complete functionality of the proven Windows-based version as well as new features. VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE – the specialist for software and Internet solutions for the fluid handling industry – reacts with its latest further development to the increased demand for web-based applications. The stand-alone version enables users to calculate the flow rate for different applications as well as the friction loss in unbranched systems. As add-on for the Spaix V3 PumpSelector the program reliably determines the duty point for centrifugal pumps.

As alternative option to the Windows-based version - which has provided a crucial benefit for its users for a long time - VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE early starts developing the online module called Spaix EasyPipeCalc. The first generation of the web-based calculation module still had a limited functionality in comparison to the Windows-based application whereas the latest development is equipped with much more comprehensive features.

The software development was completed in mid 2009 and the program is available as standard software with immediate effect.

Extended Functionality of the Online Application

Spaix PipeCalc is applicable for branchless pipe systems and for systems of identical, parallel pumps. Integrated are applications for the friction loss calculation, the flow head determination as well as the generation of datasheets.

The software allows for the calculation of the total head having regard to the construction of the pipe system. With the mathematical-physical determination of flow and head considering several technical conditions the user receives clearly arranged results on datasheets.

The flow rate calculation occurs on the basis of international standards for wastewater, rain water as well as drinking water. Based on the determined flow rates the total friction loss of the pipe system as well as the required head of the pump are determined as sum of all partial friction losses in straight pipe runs, valves, fittings and entrance resp. outlet losses.

A completely new feature is the definition of preferable components. So frequently used pipe components can be directly displayed on the main screen of the application. The pipe configuration is carried out with fewer inputs what allows a more efficient use of the software. The preferred pipe elements will be defined within the data maintenance program.

As pipe data can differ for several markets due to divergent standards VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE adds a new feature that enables the allocation of certain pipelines to specified user groups. Due to the integration with the Spaix PumpSelector appropriate data are displayed corresponding to the active user profile.

Also included to the system is a graphical presentation of characteristic pipes. The user easily selects the required system from a list. Depending on the system architecture the pipe system is divided in different sub-systems (e.g. suction side and discharge side). The sub-systems are clearly displayed in a tree structure. Additionally, they can be graphically selected with the mouse cursor from the system sketch for editing.

All input data and calculation results are summarized on a datasheet what ensures the documentation of the system dimensioning.

Applicable as Add-on Tool or Stand-Alone Version

Spaix PipeCalc can be used as additional tool in order to extend the duty point calculation within the Spaix PumpSelector or as stand-alone version. The data transfer with the Spaix selection program is realized via a special interface. Furthermore, the user has the possibility to save datasheets as PDF documents. The multi-lingual user interface as well as the adjustable measuring system allow for a high flexibility in application.

In addition to the calculation program the user needs a special program for data maintenance. Spaix PipeCalc uses the database program Spaix Database.

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