Solutions for Fire Protection Piping and Other Critical Heat Tracing Applications

nVent Electric announced the launch of two new c-UL-us Listed, modernized heat tracing controllers for fire protection piping and other critical heat tracing applications.

The nVent RAYCHEM 465 controller is optimized for fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems, while the nVent RAYCHEM 460 controller is tailored for pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance applications. Tested to the stringent approval requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), both controllers provide confidence and peace of mind to specifying engineers, installers and building owners because they can trust that they are utilizing the latest technologies for safe, reliable, energy-efficient heat tracing protection.

“With the launch of the two new controllers, we continue to meet our customer needs with safe, reliable, energy-efficient solutions,” says Marty Lee, nVent Vice President of Product Management. “The nVent RAYCHEM 465 and 460 controllers add to our comprehensive portfolio of control and monitoring solutions that meet the demands of mission critical heat tracing applications.”

Easy setup, intuitive programming
The 465 and 460 controllers feature a five-inch color touch-screen display for easy setup and intuitive programming menu navigation. With a push-in cage-camp wire terminal design and DIN rail mounting, installation setup is quick and easy. Additional time can be saved by programming the unit in advance, in power-off mode using a USB connection port.

Safe and reliable controllers with GF protection
The 465 and 460 controllers come with built-in ground fault equipment protection (GFEP) that meets UL1053 standard requirements to measure ground fault current, ensuring system integrity. Additional safety features include a high temperature cut-out setting to help ensure the heating cable temperature does not exceed the customer-defined limit and an auto cycle feature to regularly test the heat tracing system for any problems.

Enhances the energy efficiency of a heat trace system
Self-regulating heat tracing cable systems are energy-efficient because they have the ability to automatically adjust power output to compensate for temperature changes. Combining the new controllers with the cables maximizes efficiency by utilizing the Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC) mode to proportionally energize the heating cable. This optimizes the energy consumption based on ambient sensed conditions.

Optimized to meet customer needs
The 465 controller is designed specifically for heat tracing of fire sprinkler and fire-suppression systems, meeting stringent UL 515A standard test requirements for these life safety applications. It has a built-in supervisory relay used to provide signals to a building’s fire alarm system for alarm conditions such as ground fault current, low or high temperature and sensor failure.

The 460 controller is designed for pipe freeze protection of water lines, flow maintenance of grease waste and fuel oil applications, meeting requirements for UL’s 61010-1 standard. Both advanced controllers are compatible with the high-performance nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace self-regulating heating cable.

Useful resources in one location
All of the information that engineers and contractors need to specify and design commercial building projects – such as design guides, data sheets, installation manuals, etc. – are available on a simplified, dedicated website.


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