Small Motorised Cat Pumps Now Available Ex-stock


Many of Cat Pumps smaller high-pressure pumps can now be mounted directly onto standard European electric motors using their specially made bell housings and couplings.

Small Motorised Cat Pumps Now Available Ex-stock

Cat Pumps

These pumps can then be direct-driven at motor shaft speed, providing a compact, reliable and efficient installation.

To make things even simpler for their OEM and end-user customers, Cat Pumps UK Limited are now able to supply a wide range of pre-configured pump and motor sets. Supplied fully assembled and using only high-quality single and 3-phase AC motors, Cat Pumps UK can supply pump and motor combinations for flows between 0.5 and 42 litres per minute, for pressures up to 245 bar. These products are normally available on 1 to 2 days lead-time and are supplied with a full 12 months warranty.

Installation accessories can also be supplied and fitted, including Pressure Regulator Valves, Relief Valves, Pressure Gauges and Thermo Valves. Larger flow rates and higher pressures can be accommodated using Cat Pumps custom Power Unit design and assembly service.

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