Sliding Vane Pumps Provide Energy-Efficient Liquid Transfer Solution


Blackmer has announced that its sliding-vane pump technology is best positioned to offer the operational capabilities required in the manufacture of household cleaners.

Sliding Vane Pumps Provide Energy-Efficient Liquid Transfer Solution

ProVane Motor Speed Vane Pump (Image: Blackmer)

Specifically, Blackmer offers three unique types of sliding vane pumps that can be utilized in this critical operation:

SNP Series Sliding Vane Pumps

The SNP pumps have been designed and built for use throughout the household cleaner manufacturing process. They offer superior top and bottom unloading of product components through exceptional vacuum, line stripping and tank-clearing capabilities. They can also handle a wide range of product viscosities, even in excess of 20,000 ssu (4,250 cP). The design allows various sealing options such as shaft packing or commercial mechanical seals, which deliver superior sealing and product containment even after significant in-service time.

SMVP Series Seal-less Mag-Drive Sliding Vane Pumps

The SMVP pumps have been designed for use in the pre-mixer and mixer/blending processes of household cleaner manufacture. Their magnetically coupled design delivers zero shaft leakage, which prevents costly product loss when handling hard-to-seal ingredients. The SMVP also offers exceptional flow rates of 4 to 215 gpm (15 to 813 lpm) and operating temperatures of -40ºF to 200ºF (-40ºC to 96ºC).

ProVane Motor Speed Vane Pumps

These pumps are specifically designed for the transfer of products at motor-speed capacities up to 3,600 rpm and flow rates to 210 gpm (795 lpm). These pumps are capable of providing continuous operation while maintaining optimum volumetric efficiency. ProVane pumps also have exceptional self-priming and line-stripping capabilities for unmatched clearing of tanks, lines and pump chambers. Since the pumps only have one mechanical seal and hydrodynamic journal bearings, the risk of leaks and product loss is significantly reduced, while their high mechanical efficiency provides lower operating costs. Depending on the application, stainless-steel and ductile-iron models are available.

Source: Blackmer

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