SIMER 6 – Pentair Jung Pumpen Presents New Flat-Suction Pumps

When water collects on flat roofs, terraces, tennis courts or in construction pits, pools and basements, it is often only a few centimetres of water that needs to be removed. The new flat suction pumps Simer 6 from Jung Pumpen were designed precisely for this area of application.
SIMER 6 – Pentair Jung Pumpen Presents New Flat-Suction Pumps

The new flat suction drainage pumps from Jung Pumpen: Simer 6S with innovative level control (right) and SIMER 6 without level control (left) (Image source: Jung Pumpen GmbH)

With a number of innovative improvements compared to the previous model, they are the perfect mobile tool for professionals. The robust submersible pump is available in two versions: Simer 6S with and Simer 6 without level control, both pump up to 2 mm residual water level.

Simer 6 - the pumps for low water levels
A major problem with many drainage pumps is that they only work at high water levels. This often makes it impossible to drain areas with only a few centimeters of water. This also applies, for example, to water that accumulates during core drilling or concrete cutting work. This is where the SIMER 6 PUMPS come in, which can be used at a water level of just 5 mm (Simer 6S from 7 mm) and pump the medium down to a residual water level of 2 mm.

Two versions: Simer 6 and Simer 6S with innovative level control
The basic Simer 6 model goes into operation as soon as it is supplied with 230 V via a plug. This is always useful when existing accumulations of water need to be removed. The Simer 6S is installed to ensure that water does not accumulate in certain areas in the first place. It is equipped with an innovative level control system that automatically activates the pump at a water level of 7 mm and ensures optimum flat suction via customized run-on times. This is useful, for example, for flat roofs or other surfaces where accumulated water can cause damage. The Simer 6S can be switched between manual and automatic operation.

High performance
The maximum flow rate of the Simer 6 is 6 m³/h. This ensures fast water disposal, even in large quantities. In addition, the maximum delivery head of 6.5 m means that it cannot only pump high, but also far. The delivery rate has been increased by 30% to 6 m³/h compared to the previous model.

Integrated reflux valve and easy cleaning
A reflux valve is included in the scope of supply to prevent water from flowing back out of the connected hose after the pump is switched off. The strainer foot can be cleaned quickly as it can be removed from the pump without tools.

The robust aluminium housing ensures a long service life. This material offers excellent corrosion resistance and strength, making the pumps ideal for long-term use. The use of a media-cooled motor enables emerged operation, even during long periods of operating time.

Environmentally friendly and easy to repair
The Simer 6 pumps are manufactured in a climate-friendly production facility at Pentair in Italy. They differ from many conventional pumps due to their ease of repair, as all relevant components are available as spare parts. This makes them not only a sustainable, but also a cost-efficient dewatering solution.

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