SGL Carbon wins €27 million Corrosion Protection contract


SGL Carbon recently won a contract to deliver a complete hydrochloric acid synthesis unit as well as 42 high-performance graphite pumps for the Australian Magnesium Operations (AMO), one of the world's largest magnesium producers.

The SGL Carbon Group recently won a contract for over €27 million to produce corrosion protection equipment for one of the world's largest magnesium producers, Australian Magnesium Operations (AMO), based in Brisbane (Australia). This means that SGL Carbon's Corrosion Protection business, which focuses on industrial corrosion protection, has won the largest contract in its history.

SGL Carbon's subsidiary SGL Acotec GmbH, based in Siershahn, Germany, will provide AMO with a complete hydrochloric acid synthesis unit (methane chloride synthesis process) as well as 42 high-performance graphite pumps for its large-scale magnesium metal production plant in Stanwell (Australia) by mid-2004. The plant will have an annual capacity of 90,000 tons of magnesium.

Dr. Thomas Kosack, managing director of SGL Acotec and head of Corrosion Protection, commented on the signing of the deal as follows, "This contract from Australia is testimony to our strong position as a global leader in industrial corrosion protection. The consistent implementation of our systems approach by providing a full-service package to the customer is just as important to our success as the ongoing development of our product and service portfolio, with strong focus on needs of both the market and our customers."

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