Sero Expands Side Channel Pump Presence with New Subsidiary in the Asia/Pacific Region


Sero PumpSystems GmbH has expanded its international presence with a new subsidiary in Singapore: Sero PumpSystems Pte. Ltd.

Sero Expands Side Channel Pump Presence with New Subsidiary in the Asia/Pacific Region

Desmond Wong (Image: Sero)

The office is led by Desmond Wong Kin Leong who was appointed as the Regional Manager.

The new subsidiary will be the hub to strengthen Sero’s operations in Asia and will play a key role in our expansion plans for this region, Sero Managing Director, Beate Zientek-Strietz explains this milestone. It will bring us closer to our current and prospective customers and partners and enable us to better serve and support them, providing dedicated services, custom engineered solutions, technical advice and training seminars

Sero, manufacturer of side channel pumps with over 80 years of experience in this niche area, provides reliable solutions for applications that involve small flow rates at high delivery heads. Sero’s specialities are endowing economical and safe transfer of liquids/liquid-gas-mixtures in general industry (e.g. condensate recovery, pressure boosting, etc.), and Sero also offers exceptional benefits to pump users in the Petrochemical, Chemical and all other industries handling hazardous, aggressive, costly or environmentally sensitive products. Sero pumps deliver capacities from 0,3 up to 42 m³/h, heads up to 1000 m and are ideally suitable for temperatures between –60 °C and + 220°C.

The product line-up of Sero is widespread, comprising side-channel pumps in different series, varied materials, vertical or horizontal configuration and differing numbers of stages, coupled with or without a standard motor on a common baseplate or as compact close-coupled version with extra small footprint. Common sealing systems, with stuffing box, single and double acting mechanical seals, are as well available, as sealless versions like magnetically driven and canned motor side-channel pumps.

Following a sophisticated know how concept Sero has not long ago expanded its classic product range to include a new API line fulfilling the specific low flow – high head requirements for the transfer of volatile liquids (high ends) in oil&gas, petrochemical, chemical industries and process engineering: Designed to guarantee highest levels of long-term performance and reliability, the new SHP pump enables planners and operators to achieve considerable cost savings by lowering down-time and increasing productivity and thus make the most efficient use of the process stream.

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