Saline Water Conversion Corporation and Hydraulic Institute Partner to Bring Pump Systems Optimization Training to Saudi Arabia


The Hydraulic Institute (HI) announces a strategic educational partnership with Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) to help companies in the Middle East assess pumping systems and identify improvement opportunities related to both industrial and commercial pumping systems.

This partnership will help develop the technical skills of engineers, maintenance, and operational personnel across the region.

Using the Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter training curriculum, SWCC will deliver courses focusing on pump systems used in the desalination process and other commercial and industrial markets. These courses will teach Pump System Optimization and provide guidance on how to run pumping systems more efficiently. By attending these courses, individuals who design, build, operate and maintain complex pumping systems will learn how to assess systems, identify problem areas and develop reliable and efficient solutions. The courses will also help pump system assessors identify areas for a high-impact return. Organizations will benefit from improved centrifugal pump system efficiency while reducing energy and operating costs in their plants and facilities.

Besher J. Alnahdi, SWDTC General Manager, Training Center, states that “the mission of Saline Water Conversion Corporation is to match world-class technical training programs with SWCC instructors to meet the specific needs of our region. Our mission is to transform the commercial and industrial marketplace within Saudi Arabia to identify energy savings, increase reliability and improve profitability in all rotating equipment and fluid transfer systems.”

In addition to HI’s best-selling Pump System Optimization course, additional topics will cover basic pump system interactions, pump system screening, performance measurement, life-cycle cost analysis, and utilization of flow modeling analysis software. These courses all combine to support an organization-wide approach to managing pump systems for performance, efficiency and reliability over their total lifecycle.

Michael Michaud, Executive Director, Hydraulic Institute, explains “The Hydraulic Institute, Pump Systems Matter tm training programs are long-proven to further the education of a broad range of pump end-users. They examine the total cost of ownership and underline importance of the energy conversation which can change the perspective organizations have of their pumping systems. We are pleased that this strategic educational partnership with SWCC will expose more organizations in Saudi Arabia to energy efficiency, greater operational savings, and other system improvements.”

In the coming months, the Hydraulic Institute will begin to train SWCC instructors to enable the delivery of the full range of HI courses and educational programs to professionals in the gulf region.

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