Safe delivery of aerosols with side channel pumps

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The self-priming side channel pumps SEMA-S from SERO PumpSystems are used for the safe and efficient delivery of aerosols.
Safe delivery of aerosols with side channel pumps

The magnetically coupled SEMA-S is used in temperature ranges from - 60 ° C to + 220 ° C. (Image source: SERO PumpSystems GmbH)

The permanent magnet coupling between the shaft and the drive makes the product area of the pumps hermetically sealed and ensures a leak-proof pumping process. The delivery rate remains uninterrupted even with up to 50 percent gas content in the aerosol, for example a propane-butane mixture. The modular system of the SEMA-S side channel pumps enables a wide variety of designs and designs.

The extremely low NPSH value of 0.35 m (implemented in the design with an additional NPSH impeller) enables very low inlet heights of a few centimeters, for example next to or above a tank, in tight spaces or given process connections. At the same time, the SEMA-S side channel pump is able to generate delivery volumes of 0.3 m³ / h to 42 m³ / h with a nominal pressure of up to 40 bar and differential pressures of up to 20 bar.

Full performance - even with gas bubbles in the line
The side channel pump, which is available in a single or multi-stage design, depending on the output, enables the flow rate to remain stable even at increased ambient temperatures or direct sunlight and parts of the pumped medium can change from a liquid to a gaseous state due to the steep pump characteristic. A 2-phase flow rate thus created also remains stable. It does not tear off and ensures the continuous supply of systems in which, for example, thousands of spray cans are filled with cosmetic products, paints or lacquers every hour.

Suitable for media temperatures between -60 ° C and +220 ° C
The magnetically coupled SEMA-S can be used in extreme applications. The low-temperature version masters temperatures as low as -60 ° C; the high temperature variant is approved for media temperatures up to +220 ° C.

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