Russell Finex introduces its new horizontal Eco Self-Cleaning Filter at the Pumps & Valves 2002


Russell Finex introduces a new Horizontal Filter which offers even easier operation and maintenance along with the same high operating performance in terms of improved product quality, increased capacity and reduced maintenance costs as the award winning Eco Self Cleaning Filter.

Russell Finex introduces its new horizontal Eco Self-Cleaning Filter at the Pumps & Valves 2002

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This improvement has been made to meet the needs of today’s ever increasing health and safety regulations placed on industries as diverse as industrial liquid coatings to food products.

The major benefit of the filter is the ability to dismantle and re-assemble the machine for screen change, product changeover and cleaning by one person without the need for tools. The end cap has the option of being fitted with a support arm and hinge arrangement, which is held captive on the machine. This means that the operator does not have to bear the weight of the end cap during strip down. Furthermore, the two valve automatic discharge system can now be added without the need for any additional mechanical support for disassembly.

What sets the Horizontal Filter apart from other filters is the unique SprioKlene assembly, which provides continuous cleaning of the entire inner surface of the screen. The spiral positively drives oversize away from the filtration area, maintaining consistent flow rates whilst keeping the differential pressure low. This unique feature allows the filter to be used both horizontally as well as vertically.

The Horizontal filter is exceptionally compact and the unique design minimises product loss and enables installation in areas of minimum headroom including mounting directly under storage or production tanks.

Also unique to the Russell Filter range is the stainless steel microscreen. It has an aperture size, which is precisely defined in two dimensions, giving far greater accuracy down to 10 microns. The option of wedge wire screens is available and can be matched to the requirements of high capacity filtration where desired. Magnetically detectable stainless steel screens are also available specifically for the food industry.

Horizontal Filters produce substantial savings in operating costs compared to designs with disposable bags and cartridge filters. These incur high costs in terms of media replacement and disposal, product loss and downtime. The re-usable Russell filter elements are continuously wiped clean and therefore strip downs are infrequent. Product line changeovers can be effected with minimum delay, resulting in a significant saving in downtime.

In conventional filters, waste solids can build up quite quickly in the discharge section. This necessitates frequent dismantling for cleaning, resulting in product loss and wasted processing time. Russell’s solution is the discharge cone agitator, designed specifically to overcome the problems associated with sticky oversize. The agitator enables you to run the system for longer periods without a strip down.

As an option, the body of a unit can be supplied jacketed allowing heated water, oil or steam to circulate around it. This helps to maintain a constant temperature for the product and prevents it solidifying. The support swing arm allows permanent connection to a heating supply to all parts of the filter unit for ease of disassembly.

The units are totally enclosed to protect the product from airborne and other contamination and operator exposure to the product is minimal.

The Eco Filter group has been designed to solve some of the problems inherent with processing a wide variety of products including all types of paints, inks, resins, glues, dispersions, liquid chocolate, emulsions, suspensions, coatings, water filtration and many other applications.

A range of models is available to meet individual capacity requirements. They can handle throughputs from a few hundred litres/hr up to rates in excess of 100,000 l/hr and keep pressure build up to a minimum, even at filtration levels down to an accurate 10 micron as well as temperatures up to 250°C. Filters with working pressures of 17.5 bar are available.

About Russell Finex

Established in 1934 in London, Russell Finex has grown steadily to become an international group with annual sales exceeding £15 million ($23m).

The company is a worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, designing and manufacturing vibratory sieves, separators and filters for use throughout the processing industries.

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