Robust HiPace 60 Turbopump


Pfeiffer Vacuum has brought to market a new, robust turbopump that is named HiPace60. This pump is characterized by a high level of cost-effectiveness and flexibility in all mounting orientations.

Robust HiPace 60 Turbopump

HiPace 60 Turbopump (Pfeiffer Vacuum)

Thanks to its improved rotor design, the HiPace 60 offers high pumping speeds and high gas throughputs, and is insensitive to particulate matter and dust. Moreover, its robust, proven bearing concept makes this pump ideal for use in punishing industrial applications.

Integrated drive electronics. High reliability

The integrated drive electronics in the HiPace 60 reduce the need for cumbersome and costly cabling. In addition, a variety of drive versions, including Profibus and DeviceNet, are available without any increase in physical size. The employment of innovative materials has doubled the service life of the drives. And runup time, too, has been reduced. This means that the pump can go into service even faster. Remote and sensor functionalities enable pump data, such as temperatures, to be analyzed. Its functional aluminum housing makes this pump extremely light in weight, and the design of its surface offers significantly improved cooling. A sealing gas connection safeguards the bearings against particulate matter or oxidizing gases. This makes for optimum integration capability.

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