Reducing Production Downtimes with OTTO Digital Services by Busch

Production downtime is a big and expensive problem for factories and needs to be prevented. Intelligent IoT solutions can help to reduce production downtime and to save a lot of money. OTTO is the digital service innovation by Busch Vacuum Solutions.
Reducing Production Downtimes with OTTO Digital Services by Busch

The new OTTO digital services by Busch Vacuum Solutions reduce production downtimes. (Image source: Dr.-Ing. K. Busch GmbH)

It combines condition monitoring of vacuum pumps with attractive service packages. For high process reliability and less cost of ownership in factories.

The Busch IoT Dashboard and the Busch Vacuum App track vacuum pump data permanently. With the information at hand, the performance can be analyzed, and processes optimized. Busch installs a proprietary sensor package at the vacuum pumps, which collects and processes data. The data is stored in the Busch cloud via a mobile connection. The IoT box constantly monitors process state and vacuum pump conditions. For example, the ambient temperature, oil temperature and the remaining time until the next maintenance of the vacuum pump. The IoT dashboard provides all collected performance data 24/7. The data is interpreted, and performance trends are shown. To optimize the production, Busch is providing a summarizing report as well as recommendations for more efficient operation. Based on data analysis, Busch is taking care of preventive maintenance and sends a service technician if needed.

OTTO digital services by Busch come in three different packages tailored to the needs of the customer. Whether the customer wants to take care of the monitoring himself or wants Busch to take the lead. The suitable OTTO package detects appearing problems before they become a real problem. Risks and costs associated with unplanned downtimes are avoided and lead to optimum process reliability and higher productivity in factories. Even already installed vacuum pumps can be retrofitted with the Busch IoT kit.

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