Redesigned Moyno Series 3 C3A Channel Grinder Now Available


The redesigned Moyno Series 3 C3A channel grinder produces on average 30% more flow when compared to the original Annihilator Series C3.

Redesigned Moyno Series 3 C3A Channel Grinder Now Available

Series 3 C3A Channel Grinder (Image: Moyno)

Optimized high flow side rails are one of the main contributing factors for the increase in flow along with a lower profile bottom housing.

The Series 3 C3A grinder allows for greater flexibility and management of channel and flow conditions for a variety of user requirements. For users where flow capabilities are a requirement, the C3A allows the user to achieve the same or better flow with a reduction in grinder size. A reduction in grinder size equates to a reduced upfront cost as well as a reduction in total cost of ownership with power savings.

Users that require a specific stack height or are looking to retrofit an existing grinder can utilize the C3A. It delivers a greater insurance of flow through the process compared to the original C3 design and can be retrofitted to current C3 grinders as well as competitor units while continuing to use existing motor and drive adapters.

The redesigned C3A can also be used for users looking to reduce flow bottlenecks in their process without having to expand their channel or plant. The C3A can achieve increased flow and productivity without the costly expense of channel or plant expansion.

The redesign provides the following additional features for simplified maintenance:

  • One Piece Casting Top Plate with Adaptor Cover
  • Top Stack Tightening
  • Shrouded Seal Design
  • Hardened Couplings

Source: Moyno

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