RCEV Pumps from Rheinhütte


Rheinhütte Pumpen is an enterprise with a long tradition that, with the RCEV vertical pump, offers a robust solution for heavy-duty applications in which corrosive and abrasive media need to be conveyed. The RCEV metal pump is a base bearing-free design which is particularly suitable for conveying liquids containing solids from containers or open sumps.

RCEV Pumps from Rheinhütte

The base bearing-free RCEV pump is ideally suitable for pumping corrosive and heavily contaminated media (Image: Rheinhütte Pumpen GmbH)

The RCEV is a cantilever pump, meaning the pump is designed without a foot sleevebearing (sleeve bearing) and has a free-flying shaft. The solid roller bearing is fitted above the sole plate. This means that no foot sleeve bearing wear or temperature increase occurs in the hydraulics. The maximum immersion depth of the RCEV pump is 2,000 mm, but this can be extended if necessary by adapting a suction tube. The heavy chemical design with a double volute casing ensures that radial forces are kept to a minimum. The RCEV pump can be equipped with an open or closed impeller with front and back blades, depending on the application. The open impeller is frequently recommended in the case of heavily contaminated media containing solids, as closed impellers may become clogged.

The pump is also protected against dry running, due to the raised mounting without a bearing in the conveyed material.

Corrosive, abrasive, contaminated liquids - no problem for the RCEV pump

The demand for heavy-duty pumps for use in, for example, fertilizer production or sulphur pumping has been steadily increasing in recent years. While fluids such as phosphoric acid, titanium dioxide slurries and copper digestion acids are extremely abrasive, heavily contaminated sulphur poses a further challenge to pump manufacturers. Sulphur is often stored as a solid, but conveyed as a fluid. During dry storage, contaminants such as sand, small stones and similar solids get into the medium, and these are then also present in liquefied form and must be conveyed with the medium. The absence of a base bearing in the RCEV design means that these solids do not cause wear on the pump. In addition, the shaft suspension tube and pressure pipe of the RCEV can be heated to maintain the liquid state of sulphur (between 130 °C and 160 °C).

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