Quick Guide to Pressure Relief Valves


This is the latest title by Cliff Matthews, an experienced engineer with a worldwide knowledge of mechanical engineering. Published in November 2004, it is available through Professional Engineering Publishing. Take a closer look.

Quick Guide to Pressure Relief Valves

Protective devices perform an important function in preventing the accumulation of overpressure that can result in failure and the uncontrolled release of stored energy. They are therefore categorised as safety critical items of engineering equipment.

Their design and testing is heavily controlled by published technical standards and in many countries they are covered by statutory legislation.

In service damage and degradation mechanisms are outlined for various applications - PRVs and bursting discs are used in a wide variety of process conditions, ranging from clean service to heavily corrosive process fluids. This results in a correspondingly large number of damage mechanisms that can prevent them from working if they are not inspected and tested correctly.

Risk based inspection procedures are introduced in this book as a method of minimising the chances of failure, and therefore maintaining high levels of safety.

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