Pumps System Data Sought by Extended Motor Product Label Initiative: Initial Focus on Building Services Sector


The Hydraulic Institute announced today a new data collection effort on pumping systems data. HI, working as part of the Extended Motor Product Label Initiative (EMPLI) consortium, is collaborating on “Designing a Program for Future Incentives for Energy Efficient Pumps and Pumping Systems.”

Data will be used to support a new voluntary labeling initiative for pumps and extended pump products (defined as the pump, motor, drive and controls). The concept is to reflect the energy savings potential of the equipment as installed in motor and control system applications. The development of an “extended-product label” in combination with the data collected will help form the basis for easily implementable prescriptive rebate programs with deemed savings values.

Support the EMPLI Pump Data Collection Project Encouraged:

Participation of end-users in submitting pump and load profile data to the EMPLI survey will assist the effort by utilities, working with the pump industry through HI, to better determine the energy savings potential of new rebate/incentive programs. Any other organizations with knowledge of building services operating data for pumps and pumping systems are also welcome to participate.

Building Services – Pump Operating Data Sought: EMPLI created a data collection form for the purpose of providing building owners/operators an opportunity to share pump operating data with the EMPLI team. A survey form can be downloaded from this site, and used to collect and report pump system operating data. Detailed instructions can be found on the survey.

The EMPLI team has set September 30, 2015 as the deadline for reporting, and encourages as many organizations as possible to promote/share this opportunity with end-users and others that have access to building service data.

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