Pumping Hazardous Media at Higher Flow Rates


The Swiss pump manufacturer CP Pumpen has launched a new pump size in its established MKP product range of sealless magnetic drive pumps. With this new pump size, it is now possible to transfer hazardous media at flow rates up to 1200 m³/h.

Pumping Hazardous Media at Higher Flow Rates

The new MKP 300-250-315 for flow rates of over 1000 m³/h (Image: CP Pumpen)

CP Pumpen produces zero leakage magnetic drive pumps for the handling of difficult media. With immediate availability of this new magnetic drive pump, CP offers its customers additional possibilities with the expected quality: The MKP 300-250-315 provides flow rates up to 1200 m³/h with differential heads of up to 50 metres.

With this latest development, CP expands its product line of magnetic drive pumps for a wide range of media and processes. These sealless pumps are efficient, rugged and safe. Moreover, they are ideal for hazardous and aggressive media, since they are completely leak-free. Even media containing solids can be handled by CP’s magnetic drive pumps. This new MKP pump size 300-250-315 provides the same capabilities.

The pumps consist of a few rugged components. The intelligent modular system simplifies assembly and lowers costs for spare parts, maintenance and service to a minimum. The pump is available with various options and monitoring capabilities – to meet individual customer needs.

Source: CP Pumpen AG

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