Pump Series Wilo-Star for Single to Six Family Dwellings


Wilo presents a new series of pumps for use in single to six family dwellings: the Wilo-Star-Family. Together with the circulation pump Wilo-CircoStar, the "family" also includes the two self-regulating "energy saving pumps" Wilo-EasyStar and Wilo-ProfiStar.

Pump Series Wilo-Star for Single to Six Family Dwellings

The Wilo-EasyStar is the "energy saving pump" for single to two family dwellings. Its unique control mode guarantees maximum supply reliability while at the same time reducing the energy costs by up to 8 percent of the power consumption in a single family

Whereas the EasyStar is responsible for warm rooms in single to two family dwellings with a new unique type of control, the ProfiStar performs this task in two to six family dwellings. The common feature in both is the rapid, automatic adjustment of their pumping capacity to changes in the heating network caused by different usage. The result is a considerable reduction in energy consumption, completely avoiding disturbing flow noises.

EasyStar lives up to the promise in its name, already adjusted in the factory for optimum use in single to two family dwellings. This means there is no need to adjust the control mode on installing the pump. The pump combines the two conventional control types Dp-constant and Dp-variable to guarantee maximum supply reliability, saving up to 8 percent of the total energy consumption in a single family dwelling compared to uncontrolled pumps. Setting the pump is also so easy: the required pumping head can be stipulated with the "Red Button" which is also used to activate the intelligent night-time reduction in pump operation. This reduces energy costs even further. The standard deblocking function means that the pump starts up again reliably even after a longer "summer break".

For larger buildings with up to six families, ProfiStar is the best choice. Depending on the situation in the pipe network, fully variable adjustment takes account of variable or constant differential pressure. The user-friendly features of the EasyStar such as simple installation and easy adjustment with the "Red Button" are also to be found in the ProfiStar too.

The service water circulation pump CircoStar for one to two family dwellings lives up fully to the economical "family tradition". It supplies hot water promptly from the tap and shower head without having to wait and waste water. With its optimum efficiency, the compact CircoStar reduces energy consumption by a further 10 percent. And the lime resistance of 18°dH in this compact pump design is most unusual. Last but not least, the actual design itself makes Circo into a real star.

About Wilo

Already today the Wilo group is more than just a fully assorted manufacturer and supplier of heating pumps and systems as well as in the fields of water supply and drainage. Wilo is part of the Wilo-Salmson group which, with a staff of over 2700 and an annual turnover in excess of DM 761 million, is one of the largest pump manufacturer worldwide. With a staff of 1540 and an annual turnover of DM 475 million Wilo is the largest group member within the Wilo-Salmson AG.

Source: WILO SE

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