Pulsafeeder Pumps Added to Range


Tri-Ark is delighted to announce the supply of the complete range of Pulsafeeder pumps, pump controllers and chemical feed systems.

This comprehensive range of products is used in a wide variety of industries including car wash, chemical processing, food, mining, paints and dyes, petrochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, utilities, waste water and water treatment.

The Pulsafeeder pump range encompasses a large number of pumping principles from solenoid driven diaphragm pumps to multistage centrifugal pumps. The pump range addresses two key application areas: fluid transfer and precision chemical dosing.

For transfer duties, Pulsafeeder offers gear pumps, regenerative turbine pumps, single and multiple stage centrifugal pumps, sealless magnetic drive pumps and sliding vane pumps. For chemical dosing applications, Pulsafeeder's range of precision metering pumps have a variety of drive mechanisms. These include hydraulic, motor-driven and solenoid actuated methods.

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