Pressure Relief Valves DHV 712-R and DHV 718


ASV Stübbe pressure relief valves open up diverse application options from use as an overflow valve in a bypass, to safe reduction of pressure peaks in plants with oscillating pumps, to back pressure-resistant injection valves in chemical dosing.

This flexibility is achieved through the interaction of two ideal operating principles:

Dosing and injection points are easy to implement with the DHV 712-R, as access via the piston makes the valve one hundred percent back pressure-resistant. It combines the functions of a pressure relief valve and a non-return valve.

The diaphragm-controlled DHV 718 is purposely not equipped with an additional piston guide, so that media which contain particles can be conveyed without problems.

Of course, both valve ranges are compatible for installation.

In 2014 numerous variations of the DHV 712-R and DHV 718 in PVC were certified according to the American standard NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water (23° C) by NSF International, the largest testing and certification organisation for water supply systems in the world and are now optionally available with this certification.

Advantages at a glance:

DHV 712-R for premium applications

  • Back pressure-resistant due to the patented piston controls
  • Material range: PVC, PP, PVDF, 1,4571, PFTE
  • Two setting ranges: 0.3 to 10 bar / 0.3 to 4 bar


  • NSF/ANSI-61 certification
  • Pre-set pressures
  • Sealed
  • LABS-free
  • Diffusion stop variations for media which are prone to permeation
  • Pressure gauge preparation / pressure gauge assembly

DHV 718 for price-sensitive systems:

  • Diaphragm controlled
  • Material range: PVC, PP, 1,4571
  • Setting range 0.5 to 10 bar


  • NSF/ANSI-61 certification
  • Pre-set pressures
  • Sealed
  • LABS-free

100 % Series testing across the entire setting range

Bild: ASV Stübbe pressure relief valves (Image: ASV Stübbe)

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