Precise, Rugged & Reliable Liquid Turbine Flow Meters


A new range of rugged liquid turbine meters which provide precise and reliable flow measurement in the most demanding applications has been introduced by Filton Process Control.

Precise, Rugged & Reliable Liquid Turbine Flow Meters

Filton Process Control

Designed to meet international standards, Filton turbine flowmeters provide high levels of performance in rangeability, linearity and repeatability and are ideally suited to applications in industrial, oil, gas, petrochemical and aerospace industries.

Available in two designs, one for Industrial applications and the other for more onerous Custody Transfer applications, the simple and reliable principle of operation ensures precise measurement over wide flow ranges, with typical linearity of ±0.5% for Industrial and ±0.15% of reading for Custody Transfer applications, achieving repeatability’s of ±0.05% to ±0.02% respectively, at a 95% of confidence level under specified flow conditions.

The Industrial range of meters are available in sizes from 5mm up to 50mm threaded and 5mm up to 150mm flanged process connections and are suited to flow rates ranging from 30 lit/min up to 4500 lit/min, whilst the Custody Transfer range are available from 50 to 400mm line size with flanged process connections covering flow ranges up to 4500 M3/Hr.

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