Power, Economy and Reliability


KMT Waterjet System’s new STREAMLINE™ SL-V 200 high pressure intensifier is the latest addition to the most extensive range of high pressure waterjet cutting pumps available. The STREAMLINE™ SL-V 200 has a power rating of 200 HP and this power, together with economic running costs and reliability, are combined to provide maximum waterjet cutting performance.

Power, Economy and Reliability

Highly versatile waterjet cutting is acknowledged as offering many advantages in terms of accuracy of cut, limited material distortion and almost burr free edges. Whether cutting metal, plastics, ceramics, exotic and other materials, pure and abrasive waterjet cutting processes are fast, economic and accurate.

In order to achieve an operating pressure of around 4.000 bar, which is commonly required for many applications, advanced pump technology is required. KMT Waterjet Systems provides this with the new STREAMLINE™ SL-V 200. It provides a powerful water flow and can operate around the clock without interruption.

The major benefit of this new development is that the 200 HP power rating is achieved by two intensifiers in a standard configuration. This is a unique combination and the result is not only reduced space in the workshop, but also a minimisation of wear parts resulting in reduced operating costs and maintenance. The flow rate of one single intensifier is 7.6 l/min, so that the pump can supply up to 15.2 l/min at full load. It is also possible to switch off on intensifier when servicing is required.

For a 3-shift-operation, where a high degree of reliability is needed, a redundant pump version of the STREAMLINE™ SL-V 200 is available. This offers the advantage that should an intensifier need to be serviced, the full flow rate of 15.2 l/min can continue to be delivered. This option is much cheaper than investing in a second high pressure pump to be operated as a stand-by unit. If 200 HP is still not sufficient, the STREAMLINE™ SL-V 200 can also be combined with other STREAMLINE™ pumps in a pump network.

A further advantage of the STREAMLINE™ SL-V 200 is its patented Hard Seal Endcap Design (HSEC). This design provides a metal-metal seal, eliminates traditional seals, thereby reducing consumable costs and downtime. The bolted end cap is also much easier to assemble at a maximum torque of just 48 Nm. For further economy and flexibility, the Soft Start feature reduces the electric current peaks to a minimum while the pump is accelerating to full speed – this provides up to 20% energy savings in power consumption when the pump is switched on. The proportional control feature allows the user to change the operating pressure whenever needed very quickly and efficiently. This is very important when a switch is made to cutting brittle materials such as glass or ceramic tiles.

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