Pioneer Pump Launches a New Range Of Solids Handling Pumps


The new pumps are designed with innovative vortex technology to ensure improved handling of large solids for increased efficiency in applications such as ragging.

Pioneer Pump Launches a New Range Of Solids Handling Pumps

The new 100VM medium head pump (Image: Pioneer Pump)

The new 100VM medium head pump is capable of flows in excess of 200m3/hr (55l/sec), and the 150VM model will reach flows of 445m3/hr (124l/sec) with heads of 35m (3.5 bar). The 150VL has the capacity to pump over 300m3/hr (83l/sec) and is equipped with a Perkins 404-22kw engine for good fuel efficiency and low noise levels. The 200VM – the largest pump in the range – offers a discharge size of 200mm, handling flows of up to up to 600m3/hr (165l/sec) with heads of over 35m (3.5 bar). The 200VM is capable of passing solids greater than 125mm, making it one of the highest performing portable sound attenuated engine driven vortex pumpsets in the world.

“This is a very important development for Pioneer Pump,” explains Simon Ruffles, Managing Director of Pioneer Pump in Europe. “We are expanding our product offering, and our vortex pumps provide efficient solids handling and a low fuel burn to a range of sectors, including sewage treatment and wastewater management. After several years of extensive research and testing, we are confident that we have developed a market leading product.”

A pioneering design

Combining detailed knowledge of high efficiency pumps and state-of-the-art vortex technology, Pioneer has developed this range of pumpsets with the customer in mind. The range ensures low fuel consumption and reduced noise levels when dealing with challenging solids seen in wastewater applications, as well as in difficult construction applications such as bentonite pumping.

“When designing these pumps, we spoke to customers and incorporated what they needed in a solids handling pump,” concludes Simon. “We looked at using other designs such as a screw impeller or a chopper pump, but we found that for tough applications such as ragging our vortex design was superior, passing large solids effectively while withstanding wear and damage.”

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