Pentair Showcases New Solutions for Water Reuse, Wastewater Treatment and Flow Management


Pentair is showcasing its innovative solutions across the entire water landscape including its newest technologies from its global branded product lines.

Helix Technology for Ultrafiltration

For industrial processing and water reuse applications, X-Flow s next generation tubular membrane with Helix technology helps to prevent the buildup of insoluble particles in high-solids ultrafiltration. With advanced hydrodynamics, the Helix technology can address challenging filtration applications while increasing productivity and lowering energy consumption by up to 50 percent.

Compact 75G Membrane

The new X-Flow Compact 75G Membrane module combines high mechanical strength with high chemical resistance for the most demanding water and wastewater treatment applications including the treatment of food and beverage wastewater as well as produced water in the oil and gas industry.

ECOPOD Advanced Wastewater Treatment System

For applications that require on-site wastewater treatment including individual residential installations, cluster designs, and small-to-medium commercial applications, the new ECOPOD Advanced Wastewater Treatment System from Pentair s Delta Environmental brand is simple in design, is easy to install and maintain and highly effective in reducing the levels of Nitrogen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in wastewater.

Vertical Turbine Solids Handling Pump

The unique design of the new Fairbanks Nijhuis Vertical Turbine Solids Handling Pump enables it to handle high solids loads in challenging wastewater applications while allowing the entire drive system and controls to be located above the flood plain. Further, it can help save up to 40-70 percent in initial construction costs compared to conventional wet-pit/dry-pit designs.

Intelliboost System from Aurora PumpThe new Intelliboost System from Aurora Pump offers improved efficiency through smart controls over a wide range of flow and pressure variables. The system can also be easily connected to existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) or Building Monitor Systems (BMS).

"At Pentair, we help customers reduce, recover, and reuse water while also helping to safeguard people, processes, equipment, and the environment with our advanced water filtration, flow management and equipment protection solutions," said Phil Rolchigo, Ph.D, Pentair s Vice President of Technology. "Our innovations are driven by the goal of helping our customers produce more food, energy, and efficiencies from each drop of water, while protecting people and the environment."

Source: Pentair plc.

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