Panel Mount Controllers Provide Reliable, Flexible On-line Control


WALCHEM CORPORATION, Holliston, MA, introduces the W305 single or dual input panel mount pH/ORP controllers. The W305 line has been designed for reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use, even in challenging industrial environments.

Walchem's W305 panel mount controllers provide significant cost and space savings by allowing you the flexibility to add a second sensor rather than a second controller. A simple sensor calibration process saves time, and digital inputs for each sensor input channel prevent control based on stagnant samples or empty tanks. Control output limit timers prevent runaway chemical addition.

Manual output activation makes it easy to test outputs on installation or make chemical additions safely by hand. Other features demonstrating the W305 controllers' range, flexibility and ease-of-use include an optional calibration reminder, automatic probe wash and automatic buffer recognition.

Walchem's 1/2 DIN, NEMA 4X W305 pH/ORP controllers are UL/CSA/CE certified and support one or two sensors in any combination of pH or ORP. Each sensor input channel has temperature measurement capability for automatic probe temperature compensation or process temperature monitoring. The W305 has five standard relays and supports a wide variety of control and alarming modes.

Pulse proportional outputs allow for direct operation of electronic metering pumps without requiring signal converters.

For more information, please contact Walchem Customer Service:

Customer ServiceTel: (++ 1)-508-429-1110

or visit the Walchem website.

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