Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Offers New Vacuum Pumps


This new product line of dry compressing vacuum pumps has been developed for the specific requirements of industrial processes and coating applications in the pumping speed range of 100 m3/h.

Leyvac pumps and system combinations are rugged, reliable and offer a long service life, and are well suited for harsh process requirements. The products will be exhibited at the Hannover Fair, COMVAC, 08.-04.12.2013.

Industrial vacuum generators of the Leyvac line are small, compact units. They excel through long system uptimes and high process throughputs. Moreover, they offer an optimized performance for lighter gases. Low heat and noise emissions are further benefits.

The simple, frame-less connection of Roots pumps via adapters expands, if required, the demand for an increased vacuum performance. Such a direct connection is possible with Roots pumps from our RUVAC WS/U 251/501 and RUVAC WH 700/702 lines.

The Leyvac line includes two sizes, respectively pumping speed classes each: the models Leyvac LV 80 / LV 80 C as well as Leyvac LV 140 / LV 140 C. The C-versions are equipped with a casing. Nominal pumping speeds are 80 m3/h respectively 140 m3/h (without gas ballast at 50 Hz), at an ultimate pressure of ≤ 1 · 10-2 mbar.

Leyvac benefits at a glance:

  • High pumping speed:

    from atmosphere to process pressure also for light gases

  • One motor solution:

    Multi-voltage, dual frequency motor operable at 200V - 440V and 50/60Hz

  • High reliability:

    Long service intervals of up to 5 years

    Robust and durable design based on the proven Ruvac and Dryvac technology

    Most effective cooling system (water cooling)

    Thermal switch protection

  • Dry pump technology:

    No oil contact to process gases

  • Hermetically tight:

    No shaft seals

    No oil leakage

    Safe pumping of toxic gases

  • Easy and modular:

    Direct coupling of Roots booster pumps without frames for models WS/U 251/501 and WH 700/702 for simple vacuum performance upgrade

  • Good environmental characteristics:

    Efficient and low noise operation (< 65 dB(A)), low heat emission

Picture: Leyvac vacuum pumps LV 80 and LV 140 C (with housing) (Image: Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum)

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