News from the IFAT 2005 – Part 4


From oddesse to WILO EMU – talks about all the latest news from the exhibitors in the last part of the IFAT report.

po-mo submersible motor (photo: oddesse)The oddesse propeller pumps „po-upl“ are now available with flow rates up to 1000 m³/h and come in various materials. The pumps for clean or slightly polluted are mainly used in areas such as irrigation and drainage of agricultural areas, water level regulation or circulation of water in waste regeneration systems.

The new universal submersible motors of the “po-mo” series impress with low operating costs due to high efficiency, maintenance free operation and low maintenance costs. These rewindable 6“ and 8“ submersible motors run from 45 to 132 kW with Voltages from 220 to 1000 V in 50 und 60 Hz versions.

Pneumatic level gaging is a proven technique mainly used in sewage plants. This is the system that Pfeiffer-Electronic has now improved by making it saver by applying a potential free controller to the compressor. The so called bubbler system EPS is available in three versions that range form building applications to municipal uses.

Announcing the exciting new MS-T Modular Shaft Technology, another technological milestone from Ritz. The non-positive unit composed of impeller and shaft only needs two highly-integrated parts per stage. This means minimal wear and high true-to-size operation. Stepwise bearing optimises quiet running and lifetime. The technological and economical advantages make this system – according to the manufacturer – suitable for challenging applications.

Prominent - the world wide operating group presents itself as powerful supplier of specialized solutions for water and wastewater treatment. Besides a plant for neutralisation of waste water as well as a polymere preparation system, a new dosing system and a measuring controller for pH and conductivity especially for waste water treatment, Prominent has a wide range of solutions and these systems are named in representation of many different system solutions.

high density solids pump type KOS 2180 (photo: Putzmeister)Handling sludge and high-density solids is the main subject of Putzmeister’s presentation at the IFAT. Piston pumps, hermetically sealed delivery lines and material silos with automated discharging device play a key role.

For high-density solids that are especially difficult to transport, Putzmeister has developed piston pumps that convey, for example, communal waste and problematic hazardous discharge from chemical works through closed pipelines: the material is transported to incinerators with zero emissions and without causing environmental contamination. Galvanic and paint slurry, waste from filling stations and other environmentally hazardous materials can also be pumped. Even the steel barrels usually used to transport hazardous waste can be shredded and conveyed with Putzmeister’s high density solids pumps.

The transport of organic waste is another topic at Putzmeister’s IFAT stand. To promote fermentation, the PM high density solids pumps convey crushed ferment, and hot steam is injected into the bioreactor. Current installations already achieve a throughput of more than 140 m³/h.

 tapflo (photo: Industriepumpen present the new tapflo centrifugal pumps in stainless steel. With excellent electro polished surfaces, high finish and mechanical strength, the CT range meet the demands from a variety of today’s industries for applications in the hygienic sector, food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The pump range performs with a flow rate up to 50 m³/h and 50 m head.

When it comes to aeration and waste water the name Tsurumi is mentioned more frequently. At this year’s IFAT the Japanese pump manufacturer presents its wide range of powerful pumps and aerators that is specially designed for fail-safe, continuous operation. The focus of the presentation are the aerator model TRN and TR.

The open impeller of the TR model draws a for the motor size large mass of water through the aerator's large-diameter strainer. It spreads all this water horizontally in all directions. The top side of the impeller is hollow and allows air, drawn through a suction hose, to fill the space around the shaft seal and mix itself with the water around the impeller. This results in a large displacement of water filled with tiny air bubbles. In other words, perfect aeration. The TRN model has a semi-vortex design, not needed in the largest sizes, to avoid chips and fibres clogging the impeller. Only cast iron is in contact with the water. Shaft, screws, impeller and wear plate are of stainless steel. The heart of the aerator is the double mechanical seal with SiC/SiC rings, cooled by an oil bath of at least 0,5 litre per kW. Both TR- and TRN-series can be combined with a blower to form the Pressurised System.

ST series (photo: Varisco)The heart of the Varisco presentation is the ST series of self-priming centrifugal trash pumps from 2" to 8". The ST series is especially suitable for sewage lift and treatment and for industrial waste water. The self-priming action is rapid and dependable, and the impeller is fully accessible through a large front cover without removing the pipework. The pump is high and dry out of the liquid and maintenance operations can be carried out in safe conditions for workers.

Rotamix is a new form of efficient jet mixing, consisting of an arrangement of floor mounted nozzles fed by a Vaughan chopper pump. The Vaughan chopper pump optimizes surface contact by constantly reducing solids size and increasing total surface area. High velocity nozzles also increase the effective mixing volume by inducing entrained fluid.

Wilo EMU GmbH (photo: Wilo Emu)After a two years affiliation to the Wilo Group the former EMU Unterwasserpumpen GmbH will now trade under the new name of Namen WILO EMU GmbH. The manufacturer of innovative quality products for municipal water supply and disposal emphasizes its affiliation to the Group and hence the synergies in research, development and distribution. From now on, the 50 Wilo service centers in Germany are also servicing WILO EMU products 24/7.

The new generation of control units and control cabinets combines the newest control funcitons with proven electro-technology. They offer fast and accurate support in the event of a fault, are precise and reliable, have an easy to use touch screen and even allow for a remote maintenance via modem, GSM/GPRS or UMTS. The modular and therefore flexible system that can be expanded for the use in clean as well as waste water applications.

By installing a solid separation system costs should be reduced. The wastewater pumps are used efficiently by filtering out the solids and by the immediate backwashing of the filters. This avoids pump blockages and pumps with optimized efficiency and small throughput can be used. Smaller pumps and switching systems make it possible to reduce investment and operating costs.

Wilo EMU CERAM pump (photo: highly efficient CERAM 2K layer with polymers and ceramics combines good corrosion protection with high-quality protection against abrasion. This reduces surface roughness and increases the efficiency and offers an alternative to rustproof substances. It also guarantees a long service life of the pump installation. The new CERAM pumps are also available with HC motors – the new motor generation with a cooling system that is hermetically sealed and magnetically coupled. These motors have a high operational reliability and high load capacity due to mechanical shaft seal monitoring and leak chamber monitoring.

The enormous operational safety is one feature the sewage pump MTS 40 has to offer. The pump with the Wilo-patented cutter with enclosed, rotating cutters sets itself apart with a high efficiency. The pump is available in two versions, one for building and the other for municipal applications. VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE (photo: VSX)

Another emphasis is the new planning software for optimum selection of pumps and submersible mixers. The multilingual applications serve a fast and easy product selection as well as the documentation of projects. The mixer selection software EMU Mixer Select requires indeed detailed knowledge about mixers. EMU Select 3.0 gives the user detailed information on each pump. Both programs by the way, were developed in co-operation with VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE, the Wilo Group’s long standing software partner.

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