New ViscoTec RD-Easy Clean Dispenser


ViscoTec realized major modifications for the cleaning and maintenance process (EasyClean) within a new generation of the RD dispenser series. These dosing pumps had been enhanced on the basis of the excentric screw pump principle and can be used for dispensing smallest volumesof some µl up to larger ml volumes with highest accuracy.

New ViscoTec RD-Easy Clean Dispenser

RD-EC Dispenser

In order to reduce time-consuming and costly maintenance processes and to furthermore increase the machine availability, the sealing package is now completely integrated into the bearing housing. Within this new design the sealing area must not be dismantled any longer for the cleaning step (e.g. during product change or regular maintenance). The life time of the sealing parts can be extended, the overall maintenance costs reduced in a mid-term prospective.

This improvement also significantly reduces the maintenance and set-up times of the dosing systems and, thereby, allows for more frequent product changes. It does not only result in a reduction of the changeover time (payroll costs, machine downtime), but also reduces the required amount of cleaning material and the waste management costs of such. The flexibility of production lines rises and small volume production can be performed on higher profit rates.

The introduced RD-EC dispensers show interface compatibility to the previous version of the RD dispensers. The compact design allows an integration into a wide range of axis and robot systems and the installation right at the dispensing spot.

Together with the combined drive and control system ViscoPro, these dosing systems provide the option of a standardized control interface without any further programming efforts.

ViscoTec dispensers work on high accuracy levels with excellent system lifetime values due to the valveless technology. In addition, the excentric screw pump technology is particularly suitable for dosing viscous, shear- and pressure-sensitive as well as filled materials.

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