New software guarantees even more efficiency in pump selection


VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE presents the second generation of pump selection software, Spaix Classic. The new software, which is unique throughout the world in its functional diversity, also takes account of complex selection algorithms such as, for example, those for magnet drive pumps, vertical line shaft pumps or the curve correction according to the motor performance. Its simplified operation enables the software to deliver the optimum solution, not just for pump manufacturers, but equally as well for operators, planners and engineering offices.

New software guarantees even more efficiency in pump selection

Spaix V2 calculates the dimensions of the pump systems even for a complex pump design

The developers have paid special attention in ensuring that the software reflects users‘ daily requirements and thus really makes the work easier. Through close collaboration with several pump manufacturers and operators, a large number of the desires and tips gained from practical experience are taken into consideration in the new version. „During the whole development phase we actively sought out contact with our customers throughout Europe. We have received valuable tips from their experiences in the application of Spaix V1 which have had a decisive influence on the new version“, reports VSX’ Managing Director, Jens-Uwe Vogel.

Integration of web and windows versions

When the Managing Director speaks of development trends in pump selection software, he mainly comments on the growing integration of web and windows applications. The aim is to utilise the advantages of both versions in an optimum fashion. The greatest advantage of the internet application is its up-to-date nature. Spaix V2 incorporates an integrated internet update function by means of which the software can be automatically updated. Pump manufacturers, who pass on software to their customers using CD licences, can also use the function for data changes. This does away with the need for expensive CD production for price or data updates. Furthermore, with data group administration the database can also be adapted to different local markets without any problems.

Pump manufacturers profit from the huge savings in time and costs when drawing up their supply range. The programme guides the user from selection of the best pump, component configuration, accessory selection through to price information. Spaix thus makes additional consultative works such as price lists, catalogues and CD-ROMs superfluous. The finished offer with complete documentation can then be sent immediately to customers via the integrated PDF Export as e-mail.

But this software also offers interesting possibilities for planners and operators. „In our company special emphasis is placed on the various calculation possibilities for the application“, reports Hans-Georg Behninger, responsible for pump selection in the Engineering Department at Degussa AG. „In connection with the project interface for data exchange with pump manufacturers, in future we can tighten up our operational routines and achieve savings in time and costs in the planning and procurement phases. The first field trials have been successfully completed. The production phase begins shortly in conjunction with a well-known pump manufacturer.“ In comparison to its predecessor, Spaix V2 has been substantially expanded through the complete integration of data sheets in accordance with VDMA 24278.

Lay-out of all types of centrifugal pumps

From a technical point of view with regard to pumps, the lay-out of magnetic pumps and vertical line shaft pumps forms a new highlight. Likewise, the re-calculation of characteristic pump curves when gears are used or in consideration of characteristic motor curves has now been realised. Spaix can thus be used for the detailed technical selection and configuration of almost of types of centrifugal pumps and their special constructional features.

Accessory selection has been further improved in Spaix. Various selection levels such as, for example, electrical and mechanical accessories can be defined via classifications. The user is guided precisely to the correct additional components according to the current pump configuration and type of installation. Another new feature is the possibility of incorporating into the selection accessories which have been recommended in line with manufacturers‘ specifications. The direct selection of accessories via designation or article number as well as manual article selection complete the project work.

Optimising the maintenance of data

Apart from Spaix Classic, the web-based pump selection software, Spaix Online and Spaix PipeCalc – the flow rate and friction loss calculation programme – are also included in the product family. Spaix Database offers a graphic user interface for the maintenance of all data. Through the use of the standardised database, during one-off maintenance tasks information can be used for internal use, as a customer CD, on one‘s own website and even for the global pump selector of This gives the user a high degree of flexibility whilst at the same time minimising expenditure on data maintenance.

Spaix V2 is the largest new development in VSX‘ standard software sector since the introduction of Spaix in January of 2000. The software will be available from October 2002. Detailed information on the Spaix product family can be found at Or find out about the innovative pump selection software yourself at Pumps & Valves 2002 in Antwerp (Belgium) from 16th to 18th October 2002, in Hall 1, Stand 134.


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is the specialist for software and internet solutions for the pump industry. The company develops applications for the selection and calculation of flow-related technical components and systems, such as pumps, valves and piping systems. The software solutions are especially used by pump manufacturers and users to optimise business processes by combining qualified technical lay-out with the business viewpoints of price calculations, drawing up a supply range and ordering.

The software and internet company, founded in 1995 and with its main office in Dresden, maintains business relations with companies throughout the world whose main activities are concentrated within the pump and chemicals industries. Included as customers are the largest pump manufacturers in the world, such as, for example, ABS, EBARA, Friatec, ITT Industries, KSB and Wilo-Salmson, just to mention a few by name.

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