New Product Standard with Nickel Bronze


Herborner Pumpenfabrik, the market leader in filter pumps for swimming pools has introduced a whole new standard in this industry, under which all the impellers in its UNIBAD X and UNIBLOCK GF pump lines are now produced using complex aluminium-bronze, also known as nickel bronze.

This is a clear benefit for the customer, as the properties of the higher-quality nickel bronze (material code G-CuAl10Ni). are significantly better than those of conventional bronze (G-CuSn10). Sascha Korupp, Technical Manager at Herborner Pumpenfabrik, confirms this: “It probably has the best cavitation properties of any material I’ve ever seen. And its corrosion properties are also outstanding. With nickel bronze, we have brought genuine added value to the market.”

“Act now before it’s too late”

Up to now, complex aluminium-bronze impellers were used only in pumps that were subject to extreme conditions, especially pumps used for fluids with high turbidity levels (such as saline baths, with their high levels of chloride). The use of complex aluminium-bronze was considered absolutely necessary in such cases. However, the real benefits of complex aluminium-bronze become obvious when it’s already ‘too late’ for pumps made from other materials, whatever the environmental conditions. This is because nickel bronze has better cavitation properties than other materials.

Because cavitation can be identified only once a pump is in use and, in many cases, once the pump has sustained damage, the operator of the pump has to put his hand in his pocket before he even thinks about solving the problem. So Herborner Pumpen decided to use nickel bronze for its impellers right across the board to enable customers to reduce the lifecycle costs of their pumps.

New standard now in operation

The above-mentioned pumps have been made the new material as standard since January 2005. Now life is easier for system planners working with problematic media. Even cavitation caused by the characteristics of an individual facility will now lead to fewer problems than before for planners, builders and operators.

Herborner Pumpenfabrik has led the way in the pump industry since 1874. Quality, reliability and a customer-oriented service philosophy are the hallmarks of this Hessian company with its rich history. With 150 employees at two locations, Herborner Pumpenfabrik develops and produces specialised, durable pumps for swimming pool technology, sewage technology and shipping technology, as well as pumps for apparatus engineering and water processing. Construction and maintenance of pump systems for supply and disposal at public facilities complete the wide Herborner Pumpenfabrik range.

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