New Oil / Fuel Transfer Pump by Varna Products


Coming soon: A new continuous duty, bi-directional, high reliability oil / fuel transfer pump. The Daisy oil pump is poised to apply Varna’s time-tested, seal-less pump technology to oil transfer in a wide range of applications. The design draws from the company’s long history of pump successes beginning in 1960 with Micropump Corp.

This first of Daisy’s ancestors introduced the world to magnetically coupled gear pumps that did away with leaky and power consuming shaft seals in critical applications like Hewlett-Packard’s original microwave wattmeter, airline coffeemakers in all 707s, 727s, DC 8s and DC-9s of the day, and later made possible the first viable kidney dialysis machines. Enermorphics Corp., the second of Daisy’s ancestors came next in 1985 with a different method for eliminating shaft seals in oil pumps by using a “wet motor”. Oil was circulating through the motor for cooling. This also added the advantage of replacing grease-packed bearings which have a limited life with long lasting oil lubricated bearings. In 1994 Transportation Research Corp. (TRC) was founded to apply the wet motor technology of Enermorphics to railroad locomotive fuel pumps. Today virtually every locomotive in North America uses the TRC pump design.

Now VARNA Products introduces the Daisy pump with the same seal-less technology that has proven itself for decades in applications from as small as a trickle of coffee to as large as a railroad locomotive.

Drawing on this history, the Daisy pump is designed for reliability measured in decades without any maintenance or need for overhaul. Every aspect of the Daisy’s design has been optimized for simplicity and rugged reliability. Because its oil flow can be routinely throttled from 9 gpm to zero, the Daisy has no need for costly motor speed controls. It comes with a 3-phase 208/230 VAC motor, for the most reliable electric power drive available. The Daisy’s pump and motor are completely sealed for wash-down and wet environments. There is no shaft seal to wear out, generate heat or introduce safety concerns such as fuel or oil leaks.

The latest improvement in the progression of design is the Daisy’s ability to operate equally well in either direction. This reversibility feature is designed for applications such as draining and filling engine oil sumps, and bi-directional fuel transfer between tanks and the like.

Varna Products anticipates releasing this new product for sale later in the fall of 2009.

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