New Multistage Pump Line Offers Off-The-Shelf Convenience

Ruthman Companies, a group of global pump and valve manufacturing and service brands, has announced the launch of RAE Pumps. This new brand covers several stock horizontal and vertical pumps that have been rebranded, as well as additional new products that will be added in the future.
New Multistage Pump Line Offers Off-The-Shelf Convenience

Ruthman Companies launches new RAE pumps (Image source: Ruthman Pump & Engineering, Inc.)

RAE Pumps’ range features multistage pumps for clean, non-aggressive fluids at lower volume flows with high pressures. The product line is extensive, with hundreds of vertical and horizontal model configurations to suit virtually any industrial or OEM application. RAE’s pumps are in stock and available for fast shipment.

“Our family business has built its reputation on designing and manufacturing custom pumps for challenging installations,” explained Thomas G. Ruthman, Owner and Executive Vice President. “But we recognize that level of engineering isn’t needed in every situation. RAE was created to fulfill the market need for reliable, competitively-priced pumps that are easy to order and delivered quickly.”

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