New Micro Pumps for Gases


The new NMP 850 micro diaphragm pumps from KNF Neuberger can deliver up to 4.5 liters of gas per minute, generate a vacuum up to 230 mbar absolute, and produce overpressure of up to 1.5 bar when used continuously.

New Micro Pumps for Gases

NMP 850 micro diaphragm pumps (photo: KNF Neuberger)

When used for a short time, they can achieve 2 bar overpressure. Thanks to their patented stress-optimized structured diaphragm, these pumps are very compact. Although their size has remained approximately the same compared to predecessor models, vacuum, pumping capacity, and pressure have been improved significantly.

In combination with a special sealing system, the homogenous-surface structured diaphragm provides high gastightness. At the same time, the hermetically sealed pumps transfer the media without contamination. These characteristics make the micro pumps popular choices for analytical and medical applications. A modular system enables individualized material variations (including chemical resistant options) for the components that contact the pumped media.

Conventional and brushless 12 or 24-Volt direct current motors that consume low amounts of power are available as drives.

The direct-current drive type permits use of the pumps in portable devices and devices that are not attached to a power supply – in any installation position.

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