New Line of Automatic Lubricators to Increase Rotating Equipment Reliability

Cook Compression Shield lubricators extend the life of rolling element bearings in fans, blowers, electric motors, pumps, conveyors and other rotating equipment by delivering a consistent, precise supply of lubricant.
New Line of Automatic Lubricators to Increase Rotating Equipment Reliability

Shield lubricators deliver consistent supply of clean lubricant. (Image source: Cook Compression, part of Dover Precision Components)

Bearing failures lead to unscheduled downtime and significant maintenance costs. While multiple factors can contribute to bearing failure, a majority are related to unsuitable, aged or insufficient lubricant. Applying proper lubrication is critical to long bearing life and equipment reliability.

Shield lubricators are automatic lubrication systems that supply small amounts of fresh lubricant at short intervals. They can be installed at any bearing lubrication point and set for a discharge period of one to 12 months. Once activated, Shield lubricators discharge fresh lubricant into the lubrication point, while the equipment is running. The simple set-up and automatic discharge significantly reduce the time required to lubricate equipment, eliminate the need for continuous monitoring by facility personnel, and reduce safety risks.

“For over 100 years, Cook Compression has helped to increase reliability and efficiency for reciprocating compressors. With this new product line, we are excited to expand our portfolio to streamline maintenance and improve safety across multiple applications,” stated Pietro Gaiaschi, Cook Compression Product Manager.

Shield lubricators are available as gas-driven or electromechanically driven systems, in a variety of lubrication volumes and more than 400 lubrication types.

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