New Langh Tech Order – Scrubber Market on the Rise Again

The long-term customer Langh Tech has placed a new large order. The CG range of pumps from Hamworthy Pumps is a perfect fit for scrubber solutions
New Langh Tech Order – Scrubber Market on the Rise Again

The CG pumps from Hamworthy Pumps have proven to be a perfect fit for scrubber solutions. (Image source: Hamworthy Pumps Pte Ltd)

The Finnish scrubber manufacturer Langh Tech has chosen Hamworthy Pumps as the pump supplier for two new exhaust gas cleaning (scrubber) systems. The systems are to be installed on two new Ro-Pax vessels.

Hamworthy Pumps will deliver a total of 12 pumps: Four CGM-200R seawater pumps, four CGC150R process pumps and four CGB100R booster pumps.

"No two projects are alike. Particularly in the early project stages, we work closely together with the customer to tailor a best fit solution for the project" says Jasper van de Kant, Regional Sales Director at Hamworthy Pumps, about the collaboration with Langh Tech.

The two ro-pax vessels will have a full intake of up to 5,100 lane meters and a capacity of 1,100 passengers. The ships will start operating in 2023.

Demand is moving to an all-time high
Before Covid-19, It was high fuel cost and regulations that drove demand for scrubbers. Then shipowners had to align their planning with the supply offered in the market.

Now fuel costs have risen to higher levels, and the timeframe for new regulation coming to effect is nearing fast.

"We expect a surge in demand and have taken measures accordingly to support our customers with the shortest possible lead times and competitive availability" says Jasper van de Kant.

Hamworthy Pumps’ advantage is the CG range that can operate efficiently on a wide range of duties with only one pump. This standardization is beneficial for shipowners, shipyards and scrubber makers. The CG range also has a small footprint making aftermarket installation and replacing existing pumps more cost-efficient and feasible. With over 100 years of experience in pumps, Hamworthy Pumps have optimized their pumps for scrubber duty, says the regional sales manager.

The model CG single-stage centrifugal pumps are designed for long and reliable service life and only produced in a vertical design.

Long-term partnership
The customer Langh Tech has also noticed increasing demand for solutions in scrubbers because of upcoming regulations and increased pricing of fuels.

It is not the first time that Hamworthy Pumps and Langh Tech have partnered. Two years ago, Hamworthy Pumps delivered pumps for two separate scrubber projects.

"We choose Hamworthy Pumps as our supplier because of their good support, good proposition, and global presence" says Miikka Haaman Design Manager at Langh Tech.

With more than 800 pumps supplied for scrubber systems, Hamworthy Pumps has the experience and the products to cater for both open-loop and closed/hybrid systems. The compact pumps are characterised by low NPSHr, high efficiency and reliability as well as low life cycle costs.

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