New Elastic Claw Coupling


KTR enlarged the programme of torsionally elastic claw couplings: The new POLY-NORM® ADR / AVR with an elastomer ring changeable in built-in condition.

New Elastic Claw Coupling

Elastic claw coupling POLY-NORM®

After taking over the products in 2001 the new product ranges of POLY und POLY-NORM® were optimized essentially. Among other things the following optimizations were made:

- technical improvement with price reduction at the same time

- ATEX 95 European Directive 94/9/EG

- new designs:

POLY-NORM® ADR (three-piece)

POLY-NORM® with torque limiter

POLY-NORM® AVR (four-piece)

- DXF-, PDF- files on KTR homepage

By means of these and further optimizations the two new product ranges of POLY-NORM ® and POLY have developed to a firm size in KTR. Especially in general engineering as well as pump industry many customers could be convinced by price and quality. Especially the POLY-NORM ® pleases by means of its symmetrical design. Besides the POLY-NORM ® has a connected elastomer ring. This reduction of variants causes further advantages in costs in the range of logistics/handling compared to couplings of competitors.

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